Critical thinking topic, Meeting Good Reasoning with Bad

Ignorance is the greatest cause of hatred and disorder in the world. The best way to
combat ignorance is through the dissemination of valid and accurate
information. The rise of the Internet has made vast amounts of information
widely available to people around the world. It can therefore be said that the
Internet is the greatest tool for increasing tolerance and harmony that has
ever been created

In 1-2 pages, create an essay that refutes the above stated
argument. Your refutation should also contain an analysis of the Internet
argument addressing its structure (deductive or inductive), and whether it is
cogent or fallacious.

I have no idea how to even begin this essay 🙁

Sports Management Law

Please read the word document on how to brief a case; but also see below. Keep in mind that this was created for a law school class; so I will not expect the exact detail. I do however, want you to follow the IRAC formula and BRIEF the Jeremy Bloom case found in page 36 of your text.

I-SSUE: Is the question presented to the Court. This will always be in the form of a question.

R-ULE: The Rule(s) of law the Court applies to the case at hand. When answering the issue, the court will apply these rules; they can be state or federal law or statute, or even NCAA bylaws.

A-PPLICATION/ANALYSIS: This will always be the longest section of the brief. This where the you dissect and simplify how the COURT arrives at their conclusion. This is NOT your opinion, this is the analysis of the Court; how the Court answers the issue and arrives at their conclusion, based on the particular facts of this case as they are applied to the rules of law.

C-ONCLUSION: The final answer. The legal conclusion; who wins the case and the basic reason why. If there was a lower court ruling and this was an appeal, for example, the conclusion will also state whether or not the lower Court was upheld or overturned.

Both Articles and PAGE 36 is attached

Topic 3 Sunday

Use the practice problem and a quantitative, peer-reviewed research article you identified in the Topic 1 assignment (Topic 1 assignment is Chronic Pain ) to complete this assignment.

In a 1000-1,250 word essay, summarize the study, explain the ways in which the findings might be used in nursing practice, and address ethical considerations associated with the conduct of the study.

Refer to the resource “Research Critique Guidelines” for suggested headings and content for your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

Week2 Discussion

In Topic 3, we have introduced the idea of interdependency or the idea that national and international problems (and solutions) that affect Americans living in one place have the ability to impact Americans living elsewhere. How do you think interdependency and the federal government’s superior taxing power contributed to a larger policy role for the national government? Do you think these factors will increase or decrease in importance in the future? What will this trend mean for the future of American federalism?

In a response of between 250-500 words, please answer the questions posed above. If you’re unsure how to begin, try thinking about these questions in the context of a specific policy area, such as terrorism, healthcare, or civil rights.

Create and Literary Advocacy Email to Faculty

Literacy Policy Advocacy Email has to be done no later than 12 noon wednesday

Reading/Literacy specialists are consistently tasked with critically analyzing and synthesizing literacy research, policy, and promising practices provided at national, state, and local levels. Further, reading/literacy specialists also identify specialized professional associations (SPAs) that support the research, policy, and practices that are most beneficial to educators and students, most likely to affect change on the national, state, or local level, and most aligned to the reading/literacy specialist’s school or district.

For this assignment, research and select one current national, state, or local policy that directly impacts literacy education. Then, draft a 500-750 word email for the staff advocating for incorporating the policy and the specialized professional associations (SPAs) that could assist staff. Examples of SPAs include but are not limited to International Literacy Association, National Center of Teachers of English, and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Include the following in your email:

  • Summary of the policy and length of time it has been in effect.
  • Explanation of why the district is implementing the new policy and the benefits the policy will have on the school’s literacy environment.
  • Minimum 2-3 SPAs and their position statements or advocacy work regarding this policy, including the SPA’s value in effecting change at the local, state, and/or national levels.
  • At least 2-3 examples of how staff can address or implement the policy in their professional practice.

Support your email with 3-5 scholarly resources.

While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Here is a copy of an exemplar copy (let me know if it opens)

Here is the Georgia Department of Education Literary Policy also found on the GaDOE(Georgia department of educations website) you can use this for the email that has to be written—-Re: Topic 6 DQ 1

L4GA offers a unique approach to improving literacy by unifying community-driven action with data research-proven instruction (Georgia Department of Education, 2021). The plan promises to improve literacy learning by establishing partnerships that utilize evidence-based practices (EBP) with proven success for improving student learning, teacher learning, classroom literacy instruction (birth to grade 12), school climate, family literacy, and community-school partnerships. The goal focuses on creating sustainable systemic change designed to support existing successes while encouraging improvements in literacy for all students in a community. Sustainability is vital, and the policy supports improvements to everyday practices for school leaders, community members, families, teacher educators, teachers, and students. The plan offers a unique approach to improving literacy by ensuring a well-rounded “whole child” education through choice in courses, activities, and programming enhanced through community partnerships to provide students an enriched education experience (Georgia Department of Education, 2021). This policy collaborates with the Governor’s Literacy Commission which empowers families to choose high-quality education where district and school leadership review literary data for developing routines that support continuous system-wide improvements. I see evidence of sustainable professional development best practices through routines analyzing data to improve instruction implemented with full throttle within my school.

Georgia Department of Education. (2021). L4GA-Literacy for Learning, Living, and Leading. Literacy for Learning, Living, and Leading.


Target (100.00%)
The email includes a quality summary of the policy and the length of time it has been in effect.
Explanation of why the district is implementing the new policy and the benefits of the school’s literacy environment.
SPAs are thoughtfully selected, and their position statements or advocacy work regarding this policy, including the value the SPA has in effecting change at the local, state, and/or national level, are expertly described.
Meaningful examples of how the staff can address or implement the policy in their professional practice are provided.
Research is supportive of the information presented. Sources are timely, distinctive and clearly address all of the criteria stated in the assignment.
The content is well-organized and logical. There is a sequential progression of ideas that relate to each other. The content is presented as a cohesive unit and provides the audience with a clear sense of the main idea.
Sources are completely and correctly documented, as appropriate to assignment and style, and the format is free of error.
Submission is virtually free of mechanical errors. Word choice reflects well-developed use of practice and content-related language. Sentence structures are varied and engaging.
I had these questions for an assignment and it has the answers you will need to complete the email—–
-International Literacy Affiliation (ILA) is a worldwide advocacy and enrollment organization of more than 300,000 education teachers, analysts, and experts in over 128 nations. ILA has set the standard for how education is characterized, instructed, and assessed while distributing cutting-edge research deciphered into viable resources for teachers and learners. The organizations set standards for literacy experts and instructor education programs; and shows teachers appreciation through grants and gifts, and energetically advocates for subsidizing and policies supporting the literacy needs of school frameworks, instructors, and learners over the globe; and give impactful professional development and learning encounters through our digital events (International Literacy Association). In addition, the Global Operations Unit of the International Literacy Association (ILA) works to improve the professional advancement and institutional capacity of literacy instructors while creating and executing sustainable partnership programs around the world. ILA encompasses a solid network of Grassroot instructors, and an extraordinary core of first-rate expert educational volunteers, and an unmatched reservoir of research-based guidelines and assets. The members encourage improving the quality of reading instruction, disseminating research and information about reading, and encouraging the lifetime of reading habits (International Literacy Association).

The Literacy Research Association (LRA) is a community of researchers committed to advancing research that improves the knowledge, understanding, and advancement of lifespan literacies in a multicultural and multilingual world. LRA is committed to moral research that’s rigorous, methodologically differing, and socially mindful. The organization is devoted to dispersing such research broadly to advance generative theories, informed practices, and sound policies. The LRA is a non-profit proficient organization comprised of people interested in progressing literacy theory, research, and practice. They are a community that locks in research, discourse on the advancement of literacy-related subjects. The organization advocates for research-informed advancements in instruction and looks for engagement with high-quality research and dialogs of imperative theoretical, methodological, practice, and policy issues. The Literacy Research Association (LRA) is a community of scholars dedicated to promoting research that enriches the knowledge, understanding, and development of lifespan literacies in a multicultural and multilingual world. LRA is committed to ethical research that is rigorous, methodologically diverse, and socially responsible. It is dedicated to broadly disseminating to promote generative theories, informed practices, and sound policies (California State University Polk Library, 2021). Central to its mission, LRA mentors and supports future generations of literacy scholars. Both organizations will provide me with the capacity to distinguish, understand, translate, create, compute, and communicate utilizing visual, audible, and computerized materials in any context. Modeling for the learners to read, compose, and communicate interfacing by engaging learners to accomplish phenomena they never thought conceivable. Creating communication connections are premises of who we are and how we live together and relate to the world and one another.

California State University Polk Library. (2021, July 23). Literacy And Reading Education: Professional Associations. LibGuides.

International Literacy Association. (n.d.). International Literacy Association- About us. International Literacy Association.


my major is general theatre dance. and i need to write my senior thesis at least 10 pages. it should be including what you learn from your major (I am doing 4 practicums which are customer, stage manger with the show called ” 7 boxes” in my school. you may can talk about it. how i am working on this show.)

and what is your plan after your done school. (it should be connect with my major. any plan after i gradation from school, what i am going g to use my major in the future. )


  1. At a recent family gathering you were “cornered” by your rather eccentric and strange uncle, Cliff. He is the one most of the family attempts to avoid. He asked about this semester at Avila and you mentioned you were taking an Ethics course. He said, “Ethics, what do you need to know? Everyone knows that ethics are absolute and things are either right or wrong.” You told him about the ethical theories of relativism, skepticism, teleological ethics, deontological ethics, utilitarianism, the categorical imperative, the veil of ignorance and the divine command theory. You also gave him ethical examples of each theory. What did you tell him?

2. Uncle Cliff was rather stubborn and said to you, “Well, sexual morality is very clear. We know what is sexually right or wrong, without question.” You responded by defining the traditional and libertarian views regarding pre-marital sex, extra-marital affairs, and sex between homosexuals. What did you say to him? (include the natural law theory)

3. You also pointed out to uncle Cliff, 5 types, definitions and examples of Fallacious Reasoning which are used in the media. What did you say to him?

I need you to answer these questions as paragraph no minimum or maximum length.

Course Project: Part 3 – PowerPoint Presentation

Attached is the previous work done that will help

You will create a PowerPoint presentation that should include: (1) a brief outline of the topic and why it is relevant, (2) a description of the opportunities and challenges, (3) examples of where it is in use and their experiences with it and/or possible applications for it, and (4) a conclusion highlighting the impact (positive and/or negative) this may have on higher education. Additionally, you must type a script in the notes section to align with the PowerPoint for a 15-minute presentation. You must incorporate the sources previously used in Parts 1–3 of the Course Project and adding at least 2 additional sources.

What is relationship of agency in a start-up company?

In your own words, complete the mini case on 562 of textbook.

Textbook Financial Management Theory and Practice

a) What is an agency relationship? When you first begin operations, assuming you are the only employee and only your money is invested in the business, would any agency conflicts exist? Explain you answer

b) If you expanded and hired additional people to help you, might this give rise to agency problems?

c) Suppose you need additional capital to expand and you sell some stock to outside investors. If you maintain enough stock to control the company, what type of agency might occur.

d) Suppose your company raises funds from outside lenders. What type of agency costs might occur? How might lenders mitigate the agency costs

e) Suppose your company is very successful and you cash out most pf your stock and turn the company over to an elected board of directors. Neither you nor any other stockholders own a controlling interest (this is the situation at most public companies). List six potential managerial behaviors that can harm a firm’s value.

f) What is corporate governance? List five corporate governance provisions that are internal to a firm and are under its control.

g) What characteristics of the board of directors usually lead to effective corporate governance?

h) List three provisions in the corporate charter that affect takeovers.

i) Briefly describe the use of stock options in a compensation plan. What are some potential problems with stock options as a form of compensation?

j) What is block ownership? How does it affect corporate governance.

k) Briefly explain how regulatory agencies and legal systems affect governance.

The start-up will be media devices to be sold on college campuses locally and nationally later.