Тhе histоry оf sехuаlity

Assignment extract:
Study Kit:( I’ve attached files,please check them. Thanks)
– Judith R. Walkowitz, ‘Male Vice and Feminist Virtue: Feminism and the
Politics of Prostitution in Nineteenth-Century Britain’, History
Workshop, No. 13, Spring 1982, 79-93
– Philippa Levine, ‘”A Multitude of Unchaste Women: Prostitution in the
British Empire’, Journal of Women’s History, 15: 4, 2004, 159-163
Answer ONE of the following questions:


1. Historically, why has prostitution been difficult to define and/ or regulate?
2. How did Victorian-era debates about prostitution reinforce or challenge the 
sexual double standard?

3. What historical lessons does Walkowitz draw from feminist campaigns to 
repeal the Contagious Diseases Acts? Do you agree?

4. Levine argues prostitution in the British colonies was interpreted
managed differently to prostitution in Britain itself. Why?
NOTE: In devising your answer, draw on a combination of lecture notes,
readings from the study kit and where relevant, discussion in class. As a
rough guide, aim for 250 words. Obviously this is a short answer, and
it is therefore especially important to answer the question directly and
concisely. Not all readings for that particular week will be directly
relevant to the question, so do not feel pressure to massage a
particular reading (or even the lecture) into your answer if it does not
seem to fit. The response should be properly referenced. You are not
expected to read beyond the study kit to answer your question, but if
you do please reference your source.