2 part assignment 29

part 1 — 100 word minimum

Please answer the following questions below in paragraph format.

  1. Please tell me about a person in your life who you value. Why do you value this person? What specifically has this person done for you?
  2. Have you expressed your gratitude to this person? If yes, what did you say or do. If not, why haven’t you done so yet?
  3. What would be a perfect “I” message for this person?

part 2 — 150 words minimum

  1. You are to do a google search with one of the following: student and credit cards, student loans, or student debt.
  2. Choose any link of your choice and read the article.
  3. After reading the article summarize what the article stated and your opinion about what you read.
  4. What stood out to you about this article?
  5. Did you learn anything that you didn’t previously know?
  6. Lastly, copy and paste the link to the article at the bottom of your post for others to view if interested.