2 single spaced pages analysis

After reading short story What we talk when we talk about love by R. Carver. me and 3 of my classmates made a short video, 5 min. We record it in library room. We spend a lot of time to short cutting text for film, practice it. I had a Laura role .we need to write 2 page Single spaced summary. The purpose is to get you to think about the vision of author and try to translate to film. The most important to write about what the author is trying to say and find way to help classmates see that through the film that we made. Also to write about experience of making film, how did this project help me to understand the authors theme. What questions did we struggle with in making film? What we learn during the process? Should describe all personal experience. All own opinion and thoughts. NO PLAGIARISM OR RESEARCH!!! SIMPLE OWN sentences.