critical thinking essay 28

Critical thinking skills assignment. I will provide the source from Course Reader.

Your task for the critical thinking skills assignment will be to analyze a primary source from the Course Reader. The essay should be 1 – 2 pages. It should answer the questions, who, what,When and why? It is recommended you use this format: Introduction: Who? When?

Next 1-2 paragraphs: What? What does the primary source say?

Next 1-2 paragraphs: Contextualize the primary source. Why does the author write what he/she does? What historical events and trends are shaping the author’s perspective? This the challenging part.

complete workforce development essay capella


Create a 10-question employee survey and include the following in your analysis:

  • Develop questions to evaluate PMC’s department leadership. Create 5 questions and a scale. Support your rationale for why these questions and scaling would be effective for collecting and analyzing data to draw valid conclusions.
  • Develop questions to assess PMS’s inclusive workplace culture. Create 5 questions and a scale. Support your rationale for why these questions and scaling would be effective for collecting and analyzing data to draw valid conclusions.
  • Recommend how and to whom the survey is distributed. Why is the manner of your distribution important? What demographic data would be most appropriate to gather in the survey? How many employees would make a good representative for the survey findings?

Your Leadership and Culture Survey and analysis should demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through the accurate communication of thoughts that support a central idea and use of correct grammar and mechanics as expected of a human resources professional.

Additional Requirements

  • References: Support your analysis with at least 3 academic, scholarly, or professional resources from the Capella University Library.
  • Format: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and format.
  • Length: 6–8 pages, not including the references list.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

cmit fundamentals 202 pc manual built part 1 3

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statistics 16 problems checking 1

Statistics! 16 problems checking. The problems are solved you just have to go through and see if everything is good to go.

10 recent government news from any different countries 100 words each news 1

10 recent government news from any different countries.

minimum 100 words for each news

simple writing

10 recent news on government from any different country

deliverable 5 real estate concerns


Describe the estate system, and explain how it is relevant to determining ownership of real property.


In the course of your employment with T&G Consulting, you have been introduced to the owners of a local electrical contracting business, Power Electricians, Inc. During your first meeting, you learn that the business is thriving and, as a result, the owners are in need of a larger commercial space for their office, equipment, and trucks. Â They have been leasing their existing space for the past five years. They are thinking about approaching their landlord and discussing with the landlord the possibility of enlarging the space and renewing the lease. They are also entertaining the possibility of looking for new commercial space to lease. A third option would involve the purchase of a building and land for their growing business. You agree to consider this further, and another meeting with the group is scheduled. Prior to the second meeting, you realize that a significant amount of additional information is needed in order to provide Power Electricians with a sound recommendation as to whether they should buy or continue leasing. Prepare a series of questions that you will present to the owners at the second meeting that are designed to elicit the necessary information. Explain the importance of each question, and why the information sought by each question is necessary for the determination as to whether to buy or lease.

Assume that the business owners decide to buy, and a large tract of land with a 3000-square foot building has been identified as a possible site. A survey of the land is conducted, and it is discovered that a trailer and small vegetable garden occupy a portion of the land. The trailer is inhabited by a couple with two young children, and it is determined that the family has lived at this location for a number of years. Your client (the owners of Power Electricians) apprises you of these facts, expresses concern about what rights the family may have, and asks how this might impact your client’s plan to use the area that is currently occupied by the trailer and garden for parking. Prepare a memo to your client addressing the issue of adverse possession. In your memo, be sure to explain some of the key considerations in determining whether the family might be successful in claiming title, based on adverse possession, to the portion of the property they’ve occupied.

Assume that a contract for the purchase of the real property is ultimately executed, and the family has agreed to vacate the land. Your client has inquired about the type of deed that should be prepared, and you’ve been asked to respond to their inquiry in an email. What would you advise the client, and why?

Here is a library resource for help writing professional memos and emails.

bibliography 39

You should include the following for 6 sources (2 of which must be academic)

  1. BIBLIOGRAPHY in MLA format. Formatting matters and will impact your score.
  2. ANNOTATIONS for each entry.
  3. CONTENT: The 3-part annotation should include a summary, an assessment, and a reflection.

I already find 6 sources. I just need answer for contents ( Summary, Assessment and reflection)

I attached the detail and examples 🙂

human dignity 2

3000 words

cases cited using OSCOLA. MUST use OSCOLA on every page or paragraph.

Must use the readings, notes and cases from the word documents.

600 words please

you can find some useful PPT from the website above

Of the philosophers we have studied, choose the one that intrigues you the most, for good or ill; that is, because you agree or disagree with the philosopher’s views. In the case of Plato or Aristotle, you should choose some particular doctrine of his (e.g., Plato’s theory of Forms or Aristotle’s theory of substances) rather than try to tackle his whole philosophy. It would be a good idea to tell me what topic you have in mind before beginning work. I can let you know whether your proposed topic is likely to make a good paper, and maybe give you some advice about it.

Whatever topic you choose, make a critical assessment of the ideas it encompasses. Describe the content of the philosophy or theory (briefly—you don’t have to go into great detail), and explain its strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to explain why the strengths are strengths and the weaknesses are weaknesses. Just saying, “I do/don’t like it” is insufficient. If you choose a philosophy you disagree with, be sure to recognize some of its important strengths, as well as its weaknesses. And vice versa, if you choose a philosophy you agree with, be sure to recognize some of its important weaknesses as well as its strengths.

you work for nucor steel your ceo has asked to present the board of directors a set of recommendations for the company s response to the steel tariffs 1

This situation is set up to give you a real-world look at the complex nature of international trade negotiations, especially for multinational companies.

The following articles give you the background for the next situation. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

You work for Nucor Steel. Your CEO has asked to present the board of directors a set of recommendations for the company’s response to the steel tariffs.

Information for your response:

  • Nucor has steel plants around the world
    • This includes the USA, Brazil, Germany, UAE.
  • Nucor has customers for the products around the world
  • The 3 major products of Nucor are automotive steel (33%), sheet metal (33%), and construction steel (33%).
    • Brazil and UAE focus on automotive steel
    • Germany focus is sheet metal
    • USA construction steel
  • The customers for each product are the following:
    • automotive steel–US and Germany
    • sheet metal–China and India
    • construction steel—Brazil and China
  • Nucor has access to multiple politicians that can make recommendations to the President
  • Nucor will continue to produce in each country.
    • This is due to the nature of steel production.

What I am looking for is a set of recommendations for the board of directors in regards to the company’s position on tariffs and trade negotiations. I want an actual recommendation for the company to state publically and what the lobbying position should be for the near term. Keep in mind that Nucor MUST continue operations in all countries. Also, keep in mind the steel tariffs have a positive public image. You must give a recommendation for the 3 divisions (the products) and the reasons for these recommendations.

This is a very complicated situation, and you will need to make sure you keep in mind that these tariffs do not happen in a vacuum. This means other countries will also place tariffs.

Note Nucor was access to ALL governments involved and can lobby directly to the government. Also, note while they do not have directly owned factories in China they do have several partnership with Chinese facilitates.