Self Advocacy

As a college student, you need to find time to study and complete your assignments. However, the rest of your life continues as if you have not just gotten busier.

For example, a student, Tammy, was pursuing her master’s degree. Because her husband had supported her when she earned her bachelor’s degree, she thought that circumstances would be the same during her master’s degree; however, it did not happen that way. She still did all the cooking, all the grocery shopping, and she was having trouble trying to finish her homework with the kids running around. Finally, frustrated, she blew up at her husband. After she calmed down and they really talked to each other, her husband shared that he thought that because she had already earned a degree, she knew what to do and would not need any help. Tammy shared that it was because her husband supported her by taking over some of the things Tammy normally did that she was able to complete her first degree.

Families (support systems) may not intuitively know what the college student needs. Tammy was self-advocating, having the “I need” conversation with her husband. In her case, she needed a quiet area to study four times a week for two hours, help with the kids during study time, and some help with cooking and cleaning when projects were due. She found that by sharing what she needed, her family (support system) understood her needs and were better able to meet them.

What are your needs? For Part 1 of this assignment, you are going to have an “I need” conversation with your support system (family, friends, whoever will be there to support you).This involves the following steps:

First, write a list of the main points you want to cover in your conversation – what is it that you really need to make this college journey a positive experience? You want to explain what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what you need from this person.

Second, point out the “win-win” in the situation – how does your support person “win” when they help you to meet your needs while you are a college student? Also, be ready to answer questions your support person may have for you.

Third, during the “I need” conversation, pay attention to the verbal and nonverbal cues your partner is giving you. Be able to interpret those signals appropriately so you have a productive and meaningful conversation.


After having your “I need” conversation, for Part 2 of this assignment you will write a paper about your experience. Your written assignment is to address the following points, using at least 750 words:

1.Provide your “I need….” list. Explain the points you wanted to cover in the conversation.

2.Recap your “I need…” conversation. With whom did you have the conversation? Did you cover your main points? Why or why not?

3.Reflect on your emotions. How were you feeling during the conversation?

4.Analyze your support person’s response. How did the person respond to your conversation?

5.Anticipated results: Do you believe you will get what you need? Why or why not?

6.If you were to have the “I need” conversation with a second person, would you change anything given your experience with the first conversation? Why or why not?

Financial Performance Analysis

  • Questions to Consider
  • To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of the business community.
    • What role does each financial statement play in the analysis of financial condition?
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    Suggested Resources

    The resources provided here are optional. You may use other resources of your choice to prepare for this assessment; However, you will need to ensure that they are appropriate, credible, and valid. They provide helpful information about the topics in this unit. The MBA-FP6014 – Financial Accounting Library Guide can help direct your research. The Supplemental Resources and Research Resources, both linked from the left navigation menu in your courseroom, provide additional resources to help support you.The following resources are assessment specific templates for completing the assessment.

    The following resources provide relevant financial accounting methods and practices.

    • Doran, D. T. (2012). Financial reporting standards: A decision-making perspective for non-accountants. New York, NY: Business Experts Press.
      • Chapter 2, “Cash, Receivables, and Revenue Recognition,” pages 27-55
      • Chapter 3, “Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold,” pages 58-88
      • Chapter 4, “Operational Assets,” pages 89-124
      • Chapter 5, “Liabilities: Current Contingent, and Long Term Debt,” pages 125-161
      • Chapter 9, “Stockholders’ Equity and Earnings Per Share,” pages 261-296
    • Libby, R., Libby, P., & Hodge, F. (2017). Financial accounting (9th ed.). New York, NY: Irwin. – Available from the bookstore
      • Chapter 3, “Operating Decisions and the Income Statement,” pages 98–131.
      • Chapter 4, “Adjustments, Financial Statements, and the Quality of Earnings,” pages 160–191.
  • Assessment Instructions

    Note: Some of the assessments in this course build upon each other, so you are strongly encouraged to complete them in the order in which they are presented.For this assessment, complete the problem below. You may use Word or Excel to complete the assessments throughout this course, but you will find Excel to be most helpful for creating spreadsheets. Tutorials for using Excel are provided in the Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu. If you use Excel, submit the assessment in one Excel document, using separate tabs for each spreadsheet.To complete this assessment, you may choose to use the Assessment 2 Problem Template linked in the Suggested Resources under the Capella Resources heading.


    Audrey Jhingree opened an ice cream parlor in a university town. The parlor specializes in ice cream combinations named after popular professors in the business department of the university. You have been hired as a manager. Your duties include maintaining the store’s financial records. The following transactions occurred in April 2012, the first month of operations:

    • a. Received cash of $40,000 total ($10,000 each) from four investors. Each investor received 100 shares of common stock. This took place on April 1.
    • b. Paid three months’ rent for the store on April 1 at $2,000 per month (recorded as prepaid expenses).
    • c. Purchased ice cream and cones for $6,000 on account payable, due in 60 days. This took place on April 2.
    • d. Purchased supplies for $1,000 cash on April 2.
    • e. Received a two-year $11,000 loan at the bank. The note payable is dated April 2.
    • f. Used the money from (e) to purchase a computer for $3,000 (for record keeping and inventory tracking) and to purchase $8,000 of used furniture and fixtures for the store.
    • g. Placed a grand opening advertisement in the local paper for $600 cash.
    • h. Made sales in the first half of the month totaling $5,000: $4,250 was in cash and the rest was on accounts receivable. The cost of the ice cream sold was $2,000.
    • i. Made a $600 payment on accounts payable on April 18.
    • j. Incurred and paid employee wages of $2000 for the month of April.
    • k. Collected accounts receivable of $700 from customers.
    • l. Made a repair to one of the refrigerators for $300.
    • m. Made sales in the last half of the month for $6,000, all for cash. The cost of the ice cream sold was $2,400.

    Recording Transactions, Posting to T-Accounts, Preparing Financial Statements, and Commenting on What Financial Statements Tell Potential Investors

    Using the information provided above, complete the following for Audrey Jhingree’s ice cream parlor. To complete this problem, you may choose to use the Assessment 2 Problem Template, which is linked in the Suggested Resources under the Capella Resources heading.

    1. Set up appropriate T-accounts for cash, accounts receivable, supplies, inventory, prepaid expenses, equipment, furniture and fixtures, accounts payable, notes payable, contributed capital, sales revenue, cost of goods sold (expense), advertising expense, wage expense, and repair expense. All accounts begin with zero balances.
    2. Record in the T-accounts the effects of each transaction for Audrey’s shop in April, referencing each transaction in the accounts with the transaction letter. Show the ending balances in the T-accounts. Note that transactions (h) and (m) require two types of entries, one for sales and one for cost of goods sold. Prepare trial balances for 4/30/12.
    3. Prepare financial statements at the end of the month ended April 30, 2012. Hint: Do the income statement first, followed by the statement of stockholders’ equity, and then the balance sheet. Properly label each statement: Does it cover a period of time or just a point in time?
    4. Write a short memo to Audrey offering your opinion on the results of operations during the first month of business.
    5. After three years in business, you are being evaluated for a promotion. One measure is how efficiently you have managed the assets of the business. Using the data in the following table, compute the total asset turnover ratio for 2014 and 2013 and evaluate the results. Also compute the return on invested capital (net income divided by total stockholders’ equity). Do you think you should be promoted? Why or why not?
    Audrey’s Ice Cream Parlor: Financial Data
    Account 2014 2013 2012
    Total assets $93,000 $78,000 $61,000
    Total liabilities $23,000 $23,000 $16,500
    Total contributed capital plus retained earnings $70,000 $55,000 $44,500
    Total sales $100,000 $82,500 $57,250
    Net income $15,000 $10,500 $4,500
    Financial Performance Analysis Scoring Guide

    VIEW SCORING GUIDEUse the scoring guide to enhance your learning.How to use the scoring guide

Week 3 – Tribal Leadership Videos Activity and Discussion

Week 3 – Tribal Leadership Videos Activityand Discussion


Watch the following Ted Talk video by David Logan, “Tribal Leadership”: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Watch the following Ted Talk video by Seth Godin, “The Tribes We Lead”: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

*Note that when you link to either of these videos, you can also read the entire transcript of the video by clicking on Transcripts*

Review Chapters 9 & 10 in the textbook. Feel welcome to use the textbook to support your understanding of the videos and to support your answers for the questions below.

Reflecting on the two videos above, answer the following questions:

1) Share one thing from both videos that you learned.

2) Which video was more effective for you, and why?

3) Reflect on the concepts discussed in both videos. Both Logan and Godin make the point that everybody is in a tribe (often multiple tribes), tribes can have impact, and tribes/tribal leadership can be the way everyday people make change happen in the world. What kind of tribes are you in? You can focus on just one if you wish. Of the five stages (according to Logan), what stage is your tribe in? What kind of impact are the tribes you are in making? How can your tribe or how can tribal leadership in your tribe change the world (according to Godin)? If given the opportunity, what one global impact do you wish your tribe could make, and why?

Education Essay

Essay 2: Education Essay

Background Readings:


Analyze a significant issue in education and propose a specific solution.

Thesis statement: Your thesis introduces the issue, its significance, and your proposed solution.

Evidence: Use at least one quote from the essays you have read for class, as well as two or more quotes or paraphrases from your Library research. Since this is not a personal essay, using “I,” except for the use of anecdotes, is not appropriate

Consider these Questions:

  1. Why is this issue significant?
  2. What are different aspects of the issue?
  3. What are some of the challenges this issue creates? Who does it impact?
  4. What factors contribute to or cause the issue?
  5. What possible solutions are being proposed?
  6. What resources might be involved in the solution?
  7. What are some of the limitations of these solutions?

Requirements: MLA compliance. See below and check off when done:

2-4 pages

12 point font 1 inch margins on all sides. Left margin justified

Full name, class, professor, assignment, and date in left hand corner

Page number in right hand corner

Title Centered, unbolded, first letter of each content word capped

Double space entire essay (NO space between paragraphs)

Indent five spaces for paragraph

Works Cited list and in-text citations correctly formatted

need in 24 hours fast

HSA 530 Health Services Human Resources Discussion question

“Interviewing Techniques” Please respond to the following:

  • Recommend a strategy for conducting an interview that has the potential to ensure an optimal hiring decision. Provide support for your recommendation.
  • From the e-Activity, create an argument for using behavioral-based interviews to fill open positions in health care organizations. Provide support for your argument.

“Employee Training and Development”  Please respond to the following:

  • Provide an example of training program offered by your employer that you think has helped improve your performance. If you have not had an opportunity to receive training from your employer, explain what type of tranining you think your employer could offer to improve your performance.  Support your rationale.
  • Suggest how HR and department managers can collaborate to create an effective process designed to mentor and develop employees for leadership roles. Provide support for your suggestion.


  • Use the Internet to located information on the concept of behavioral-based interviewing. Be prepared to discuss.

Lit Review Assessmen


I have assignment that is 5 questions. The questions are related to research. There are tools you should follow to answer these questions. One of the tools is reading the chapter 4 of the WLR book.

The tools are:

1. Hard copy or digital note cards, which will be used to document notes taken during the subsequent detailed reading stage of the literature

review project.

2. Different colored self-stick flags or the highlighting function of a word processor, which will be used to identify noteworthy items.

The questions are:

WLR’s Module 04 Chapter 4 Group Lit Review Assessment Submission

Use this app to submit the following for the WLR’s Module 4 Chapter 4:

  • Brief descriptive statements about two papers on group’s preliminary literature review reference list
  • Preliminary topical outline for literature review
  • Prioritized initial reading list
  • Documentation of the group’s literature review note taking system
  • The two described papers

Policemen of the World Final Paper

You have already developed a thesis statement and developed an outline in which you explored two (2) real-life international incidents from the past five (5) years involving the United States as they received an elevated status as a world power. Now you will develop the final paper in which you explore your main points in detail.

Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Introduce your paper with your previously crafted thesis statement.
  2. Discuss two (2) international events involving the US military from the past five (5) years that can be traced back to a foreign policy created after the Civil War.
  3. Discuss three (3) aspects of US history since 1865 that has led to the US’s rise as a world super power policeman.
  4. Identify three to five (3-5) international incidents since World War II where America has taken on a policing role.
  5. Determine three to five (3-5) driving forces that fueled international policy decisions involving the international incidents you outlined previously. (Consider treaties, exit strategies, elections, wars, etc.)
  6. Use at least three (3) academic references besides or in addition to the textbook. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Analyze the rise of the United States to a world “superpower” and how that status has shaped its internal developments in recent decades.
  • Recognize the major turning points in American history since the Civil War.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in contemporary U.S. history.
  • Write clearly and concisely about contemporary U.S. history using proper writing mechanics.

Theories of Human Learning and Cognition, What social media messages or platforms do you remember

Write 4–5-page examination of two or three approaches to a learning- and memory-related research question.

The research questions for this assessment are:

  • What social media messages or platforms do you remember?
  • Who do you pay most attention to at a social gathering, such as a dinner with friends?
  • How does vocabulary retention differ between children and adults?
  • Why are some advertisements more memorable and/or persuasive than others?
  • What effect does novelty or familiarity have on memory or learning?

Choose one of the questions as a guide for your research. For the purpose of this assessment, you will not be expected to answer the question or solve the problem. You will be exploring different approaches to researching the components of the question in order to address the topic from different angles.


For this assessment, complete the following:

  1. Choose one research question from the list above that you would like to explore related to learning and memory.
  2. Find three scholarly sources, such as peer-reviewed research articles, that are related to the research question you chose. At least one article must describe empirical data collection. (Typically these articles contain headings such as participants, measures, instruments, and results.)
    • For all articles, summarize what you learned from each source regarding your research question, and how this knowledge contributes to or changes your understanding of learning and memory.
    • For the empirical article, summarize the methods and measures used in each of the articles you read. Different approaches will measure memory or learning in different ways based on the conceptual approach.
  3. Describe the practical impact of the research question or information from the articles you read might have on your personal and professional life. In what ways can this knowledge of learning and memory be applied to your life or work?

Strive to be as concise as possible. Limit the length of your completed assessment to 4–5 pages, excluding the title page and reference page. Support your statements and analyses with references and citations from at least three scholarly resources.

Additional Requirements

  • Include a title page and a reference page.
  • Use at least three resources.
  • Follow APA format. Note: You may use the APA Paper Template linked in the Resources. This resource is not required.
  • Use 12-point, Times New Roman font.
  • Double-space your paper.

History 2

Essay Topic:

From the “Mendoza” book. Comment on the following, using specific examples from the book: The Mendoza-Humphries rivalry is a window onto Birtish society at that time; the competition and its coverage in the newspapers and Gillray prints reveal much about the ideas, pracitces,and interests of the British public.

Compare and contrast the above with two other historical eras covered in this class. For example, you may choose to compare the ideas, practices,and interests in public life of Mendoza’s Britain to those of Renaissance Italy, or those of Absolutist France, or those of Protestant Reformation societies, or those of Italy under Mussolini (as examples).

Sources: the textbook,the Mendoza book, and any other readings provided within this course if and when appropriate. This is not meant to be a research paper, rather it is an essay in which you are to make connections between historical events and movements. Make sure to cite your sources throughout your paper, including page numbers.

Length: 6 full pages to 8 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 font.

Format Options:

If you submit your work Inline, I will be copying it into Microsoft Word and adjusting the font size to 12 to see the page length.

If you submit your work by attaching a document, use one of these file types only: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .wpd, .rtf


Discussion Is Egyptian art similar stylistically to any Mesopotamian culture from that time, art & design homework help

Is Egyptian art similar stylistically to any Mesopotamian culture from that time? Which culture and how are they similar or different in style and cultural context? Compare and contrast the formal and iconographic characteristics of Ti Hunting Hippopotamus and Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions. Identify formal and iconographic characteristics ancient Egyptian art shares with prehistoric Near Eastern images

Many of the examples of Egyptian art seen in this chapter belong to North American and European museums, since foreign archeologists made many of the early discoveries. Travelling shows of Egyptian art are very popular and are potentially huge revenue producers. While today removing a country’s cultural patrimony is illegal, this was not the case in the past. Should these works now be returned to Egypt?

You have been asked why scholars use the word “conservative” to describe ancient Egyptian pictorial arts. How do you answer the question? Describe the Egyptian canon of proportion and how it was applied. Make sure to discuss the significance of the Amarna Period and explain its formal and iconographic characteristics.Why does a change in religion bring about a change in art in ancient Egypt? We have seen that the style and iconography of Egyptian art changed with the introduction of a new religious system. Do you think that Akhenaton’s religious and artistic “revolution” was brave or foolhardy? Explain your position.

There are many conventions within Egyptian imagery that go against our own iconography. One example is the stylization and formalization of royal portraiture while making those lower on the social hierarchy more naturalistic, and presumably a closer approximation to how they might have actually looked. Some art historians have also argued that Egyptian culture was far more matricentric then once thought. They look to the importance of Hathor, the mother goddess within Egyptian culture and in examples like Double Portrait in FIGURE 3-13 as evidence. In this image we see the woman holding the man in complete reversal of how our own images of male and female coupling are depicted. the argument has been made that although the Pharaoh had absolute power, that power came from his marriage to the woman and the female line of power. If true, it shows how we privilege our current world view and transpose it to the past. Discuss these and other ways in which our interpretation and view of Egyptian art might be determined by our own cultural prerogatives.

Watch the video below prior to answering the question. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Ancient Egyptian culture provides us with immense subject matter for fantasy and entertainment. Why do you think it holds sway over our culture in ways that other civilizations do not? Is it because it is more foreign and strange than Greek and Roman culture, therefore the mystery surrounding it making it more curious and allowing our imaginations to run abound? Or is it that the monuments and artworks are so monumental?

We live in an age of incredible technological advances, with towers of glass and steel that spring to the heavens and the construction of a space station in earth’s orbit. Does it put our advances in perspective when we wonder how an ancient civilization like that in Egypt was able to construct monuments of such size with such geometric accuracy without modern machinery, mathematics or instruments? Is there an iconic structure that will represent our civilization in 4000 years

Although Pyramids are a distinct symbol of Egypt, large-scale pyramidal construction is limited to a relatively short period in the Old Kingdom of Egyptian history. What would be some reasons for the modification of pyramid scale and institution of rock-cut tombs as seen at Beni Hasan. Evaluate the effectiveness of later architecture in communicating Egyptian and Pharonic power.