250-350 words APA

Read the Levitt article on how well the PPACA is working, as well as articles in this week’s Learning Resources regarding the PPACA. Consider whether or not you agree with the Levitt article, and why. As Levitt asserts, there are always differences of opinion about the law and policy issues. Consider each point discussed by Levitt, including easy online access for people to get information about health insurance options, making insurance more accessible and affordable, and reducing the number of Americans who are uninsured.

https://newsatjama.jama.com/2014/07/09/jama-forum-… Levitt Article

Provide an evaluation (or assessment) of whether or not you agree with Levitt, the author of the article, making sure to address the specific points he outlines, including the online process for obtaining health care information, accessibility, affordability, and reducing the number of uninsured. Support your position by utilizing a minimum of two peer-reviewed resources from the academic literature.