3 page paper on a concert you went to recently?

Hi. I’m looking for someone to write a 3 page paper on any concert you have attended recently. I have not been to a concert yet so I have trouble writing this.

Here is the outline to the paper:

A. What are the cultural elements at the core of the tradition?
B. What are the historical influences? Who are the artists who cultivated this music?
C. What is different with the live performance and the recording (if available)?
D. What is the instrumentation? Is this common or uncommon?
E. Is all the music performed live? Is technology involved with the performance?
F. Is the stage show important? Are there extra-musical components to the show (multimedia, etc.)?
G. Who is the audience? Age, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status?
H. Who is the target audience?
I. Does the performance seem organic or scientific? Is it raw or refined?
J. Was this performance successful, why or why not?