3 Short Dicussion board questions

1.The perception is often that public Emergency Medical Services “EMS” agencies have a lot more funding than private ones. Discuss why this may or may not be true. Include examples of where funding comes from for both sides.

2.Which do you think was the more significant battle for turning the tide of the war: Gettysburg or Vicksburg? Why?

3.Give a response to this Student’s Response below.5 Sentences minimum.

I believe the battle of Gettysburg was more significant in turning the tide of the war than the battle ofVicksburg, Mississippi. The Union had won multiple battles in the Western and the Trans-Mississippi theater taking Georgia, the Carolinas, Louisiana and they already had control of the Mississippi River. For that reason, I don’t believe their win at the battle of Vicksburg was too much of a surprise and would not have been such a moral defeat. However, on the Eastern Theater, the Confederates had a few more wins and they actually could have won the battle of Gettysburg. The defeat at Gettysburg I believe it must have been very demoralizing especially knowing this was the only area that you had a chance of winning.