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Use the course project scenario and the information presented in this unit to complete the activities. Click here to access the course project scenario sheet. Templates are provided for both the cost estimate and the budget. Click here to access the cost estimate template. Complete at least 12 items in your estimate template. Click here to access the project budget template. Complete at least three main categories with subcategories and sub-subcategories as necessary in your budget template.

Use the project charter and WBS as a guide for customizing the estimate and budget forms. Include/add additional elements or details as you see fit to best align with the course scenario. While the equipment and labor costs do not need to be exact, do some cost estimate research to make these as close to real-world as possible. You are encouraged to be creative and innovative in completing your work products and tasks identified in the assignment. Be sure to upload both documents for grading. Outside sources are not required for this assignment. I have attached all documents.