Advertising Homework Work

This should be typed in 12 point font, times new roman single spaced and must be 3-4 pages and have graphs and data. Also have a work sited page.(in total there should be about 5-6 pages)

Brand: Tide (2017 Superbowl commercials)

Textbook: Kleppner’s Advertising Procedure, Lane Kine Reichert, Pearson Hall, current edition

Traditional vs Interactive Media (Ch 8-14):

Show examples of the advertising

campaign along with a critique of how it ties to the strategy or not. Why did they

use the media choices they did? What changed? Did the message change or was it always consistent? Why? What was effective? Why did they use each element? Did the creative fit the medium? Define & Apply min of 15 media terms

to your brand from CH8-CH14.

Advertising Consultant Recommendation: CH1-14

In analyzing the brand vs the concepts in your text to date -how might the brand

improve their delivery of their brand? Is their advertising effective? Why? Do you have research that has been published demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign? What is the ROI? What should the do going forward (keep on keeping on is NOT an answer)

Critical Reflection:

What are the best practices in advertising

this brand and how can the lessons be applied to marketing your campus organizations, your

self and your career? What knowledge, skills and abilities do you need? I have attached the chapters for this assignment