an assingment answering 5 questions after watching this video about dna https www youtube com watch v hwpwv50ycmy

An assingment. an

1. What is DNA, what are its functions, and where is it located?

2.Did Watson and Crick ‘steal’ the research of Franklin and Wilkins? Does it matter? Why do you think there was so much pressure to be the ‘first’ to discover the structure of DNA?

3. There were 3 major things that Watson and Crick needed to know before they could figure out the DNA structure. What are at least 2 of them?

3. Do you feel that the discovery of DNA has the potential to affect people’s belief in God? How so? if not, why not?

4. In what ways has the discovery of DNA changed the world in the past 60 years?

swering 5 questions after watching this video about DNA.