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Mock Interview, Mental Status, and DocumentationConduct a 30- to 40-minute informal interview with an adult family member, peer, or co-worker practicing the body and closing phase of a clinical interview. If possible, continue with the same volunteer from the Unit 3 assignment. However, this is not essential. Request the individual to address issues related to anxiety or adjustment to retirement, bereavement, or relational trauma. In 500–625 words, draft a report that includes:A summary of interviewer tasks and technical approaches for the body and closing phase. Incorporate the Clinical Interviewing text and a minimum of two academic research articles in this section.A mental status narrative incorporating the basic components.Documentation of the clinical session applying the SOAP format, including preliminary assessment and resources.The identification and application of the appropriate ACA ethical principles for clinical practice.A self-evaluation of the applied interviewer tasks and use of directive interviewing during the body and closing phase.