answer 4 questions about music

While anything from Chapters 1-3 if fair game for this discussion, I would like us to start our discussions with the following as prompts:

1. On page 35 the author asks the question, “Could song owners cut sheet-music publishers out of the deal and work directly with song-sheet publishers, for songs not yet published in sheet-music form?” What do you think of this? Elaborate on your thoughts. Also, what other similar questions have come up in more recent times, with other copyrighted material?

2. “The end of bootlegging.” The author presents some possible explanations. What are your thoughts concerning what caused the downfall of bootlegging in this era?

3. On page 51 the author asks, “Who won the song-sheet battle?” What do you think, and why?

4. What were the results in our culture because of the onset of the phonograph and other innovations like it to come?