Answer Question and Response to one Question

Thanks for your post here in week 7. To be honest discussing intelligence for the homeland security enterprise is a very difficult topic for me to talk about in only one forum because I teach an entire course on the subject (HLSS320). At any rate I will try to limit myself and just focus on some core issues — so I have 2 follow up questions on Intel and Homeland Security for you.

My first question is, what other agencies that are not a part of DHS (and its components/field agencies) play a role in intelligence for the homeland? [This is what DHS calls “external partners” and there are some examples in the required reading by Blum as well as the CRS report below by Randol on Homeland Security Intelligence starting on page 15].

Secondly, do you think there should be a domestic intelligence agency here in the U.S. like other nations have? On this point I recommend reading the debate on this exact topic between Richard Posner and Juliette Kayyem (below) and tell us which point you agree with and why.

Of course, I will have a lot more on these topics in my wrap up. Also, this is an important topic since it is the focus of your final paper. On that note I also provided below a link to a recent article on one fusion center that also discusses the important role of the network of law enforcement officers around any given state call Fusion Liaison Officers (FLOs) “the eyes and ears of a fusion center” and is worth your time to read as you write your final paper.

Thank, Dr G.

Posner, R. A. and Kayyem, J. (2006, November 17). Does the United States Need a Domestic Intelligence Agency? The Council on Foreign Relations. Retrieved from… (no longer at link, so attached here)

PDF Does the United States Need a Domestic Intelligence Agency? (also in the resources folder for week 7 readings)

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