answer the following questions about the company uber

Challenges and Opportunities

o If the company announced some strategic moves recently or has been rumored to do so, what would be your assessments on these moves?

o Are dramatic changes happening in the competitive environment of this company now? Will they happen in the near future? How should the company react then?

o What are the major challenges the company is currently facing or likely to face in the near future? Why?

o What are the opportunities the company currently has? What opportunities are likely to emerge? Why?

o How can IT help to address these challenges and opportunities ï‚· Assessment and Recommendations

o Overall, how do you feel about this company and its use of IT? If you have some extra funds for investment, would you buy this company’s stock?

o What would be your recommendations to this company? What are the few strategic moves the company need to take immediately, in 2~3 years, in 5 years or more…etc