Anthropology field note

You will be observing people in any given setting for 20 minutes while taking notes on their behaviors. Choose no more than 3 people maximum to observe in this short time frame and make sure to take short breaks after writing what you observe after every 5 minutes. Take into consideration what you see, hear, smell, touch, taste and feel. Try organizing your notes into 2 columns – 1 column – what is actually happening and column 2 – your thoughts and opinions on what is happening. This will help you designate between actual observable behavior and your personal interpretation of the behavior, which is often difficult to do. You should have 4 pages of notes total minimum or 2 pages front and back which equals 4 pages. Please be concerned with your safety first when observing people in any given setting. Make sure you can take up to 20 minutes to do this observation. Do not talk to or interview the people. You do not have clearance from the college’s human subject’s board to do interviews.

Scenario: You are in a coffee shop