App 327 class discussion.

Hello. I need you to write me a discussion answer for the discussion question. You only can answer the Dis question from the reading that i uploaded for you. Pleas read it and then provide the answer based in the information that in the reading. Here is the professor question. [125-250 words limit]

Discussion Question:

In Steedly’s (1999) reading, the author stated, “As much as Southeast Asia has been the place to look for culture, it has also been a place seemingly marked by violence.” (p. 444).

How is the author interpreting the change in culture for Southeast Asian countries? What influenced this change for Southeast Asian countries (e.g., Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, etc.)?

When responding to the discussion question, in addition to referencing this week’s reading, please use at least one additional external source (ex: online articles, websites, books, etc.) to elaborate on your response. You may focus on one or more countries within the Southeast Asian countries.

When commenting on one of your classmates’ posts, it is optional for you to include an external source in your own response. However, should you believe that adding one additional external source can help you elaborate on your response, please feel free to cite an external source.

No need to provide a long list of the historical context. Focus more on what kinds of historical contexts do you think the author was referring to when the author stated the above statement and why.

You DO NOT need to provide a reference page. However, please cite your external source at least once by providing the author’s last name & year of publication. If it’s from an online website, you can state the name of the website once (see below for an example).

Example) If this is the website , you can state the following: In “Asia Society,” it talked about the history of Southeast Asian countries….