assignment 3-3

assignment 3 Rubric

  1. Examine organizational leadership and management skills for quality of care and safety considerations in advanced nursing roles from an anecdotal perspective derived in your healthcare environment.
  2. Provide examples and outcomes of Conflict Resolution Strategies to overcome barriers between leaders and nursing staff in advanced health care settings.
  3. Synthesize consultative resources and partnership innovations that may serve to further shape the role of the nursing healthcare delivery.
  4. Describe the three models of negotiation to effectively manage conflicts by defining and applying the theory of “Action Research Model”.
  5. Apply one Masters of Nursing essential intervention to this discussion. (see attached for MSN essentials)

*Support this paper with at least two to three journals from the last 5 years.

This assignment is 20% of the grade. No late assignments will be accepted it if there is no extenuating circumstances. It is required a maximum of a 4 page-paper in length with an abstract of no more than 250 words is required. (5 pages total)

Excellent 100%

Satisfactory 85%

Needs Improvement 50%

Unsatisfactory 25%

Introduction: Alignment of Topic to Research Project (10%)

It is consistent with application in research related to its context. Clarity of ideas.

The topic is partially appropriate for research with fair clarity of ideas.

The topic has a weak association to clarity of ideas and research topic.

Does Not meet Criteria

Quality of Analysis of argument in Introduction (10%)

Argument in project’s introduction is precise, concrete, clearly addressed

Argument is not consistently clearly addressed.

Argument is not clearly stated.

Does Not meet criteria

Quality of the Body and content (20%)

Consistent quality and clarity of content

Inconsistent quality and clarity of content

Lack of clarity and clarity of content

Does Not meet Criteria

Quality of Thorough Content is Content is vague. Does Not meet

Review of Literature (20%)

evidence supporting topic with peer reviewed journals within the last 5 years.

inconsistently thorough. Average evidence in literature review supporting arguments with peer reviewed journals within the last 5 years.

Poor evidence for arguments. Literature is not within the last 5 years.


Mechanics Objectivity of Tone

Writer uses Standard American English that is edited. Objective & appropriate Tone, Language & Diction appropriate.

Same as proficient but with less than 5 % of minor mistakes. The tone is not consistently professional and objectively.

Same as other two areas, but with major mistakes in grammar, language & spelling. The tone is not consistently objective.

Does Not meet Criteria

Advance Practice Nursing Implications including MSN essentials (10%)

Consistent clarity and thorough in details content

Inconsistent clarity and details in content

Lack of clarity and details in content

Does Not meet Criteria