The assignment in full is below. What I'm specifically looking for is source material (credible websites/articles, no older than 2013) for the following specific topics from the assignment Globalization for Ireland, Isle of Man and Belize Political and Policy direction for Ireland Exit Strategy for Ireland, Isle of Man and Belize OR Country Risk/Freedom for Ireland, Isle of Man and Belize Here is the full assignment: You are an Executive at the Canadian-based company Quattroporte Inc, a software company that sells and provides it's services online. Your company’s core product, originally developed by a Management Sciences professor, was in commercial use for over a decade before you joined the company. Quattroporte’s software provides a full suite of tools to help customers organize their operations, staff and clients, as well as manage their financials and communications. Working with the top-notch team you’ve assembled and the business skills you’ve learned during your MBA, you and your team have turned your company into a viable going concern. In fact, sales in Canada have quadrupled in the past quarter and you are now seeing significant interest for your product from all over the World. After a lot of hard work Quattroporte is most likely entering a hyper growth situation. One of the challenges you face is managing significant new sales from abroad. Your Merchant Account provider (merchant account providers processes credit card transactions) requires you to open a foreign-based subsidiary in order to process sales outside of North America. If you set up in England your Merchant Account provider will offer you transaction processing rates in the 1.75% – 2.25% range for sales in England while sales in the rest of Europe as well as in Australia, Asia and South America will be at a considerably higher rate, namely in the 2.95% – 3.95% range. If however you were to open a subsidiary in one of your “offshore” jurisdiction such as Belize, British Virgin Islands, Costs Rica, Delaware (USA), Ireland, Isle of Mann, or Singapore you would receive the lower rate in all regions. (There is no need to investigate merchant account rates, simply use the rates stated above). You expect to be processing 10’s if not 100’s of millions of dollars in transactions annually within 3 years. Analyze each of the 3 assigned PLG “offshore” locations using what you have learned in the course material to explain the key issues you will need to understand and track as you take your company global. I do not want the assignment written, I would just like source material so I can do the actual writing. The more good, credible sources the better.