For this week’s assignment, I would like you to imagine you have a specific problem, such as depression, panic disorder, alcoholism, or sexual dysfunction. Then, go to a bookstore or library and research the self-help offerings pertaining to this topic. View the available materials, keeping in mind what you have learned about the problem and evaluate the basis for the advice these books provide. In addition, critically evaluate the credentials of the individual(s) writing the self-help book.

 At the minimum you should have 6 slides, and would encourage you to have much closer to 12-15. You need to write a brief  (2-3 sentences) about each book (think about what’s written on the back of the book) and then evaluate if the information provided is helpful/relevant/correct and the authors credentials. None of these need to be long, but will require you to think through what is included in the book. To help clarify further, think about the many self-help books for weight loss that are written by celebrities with no education to support what they are saying. The book may encourage the reader to loose weight by eating too few calories, which as an educated consumer you know has dangerous consequences. Whereas, another book might be written by a nutritionist who has a doctorate degree. This book would include accurate information and promote a lifestyle change to weight loss that is supported by research. 

Create a PowerPoint of your findings.  Please include the topic you chose, the book you are evaluating, the source of information, and a short summary of the “help” offered in the book and how it relates to empirically based treatment approaches.  Please evaluate a minimum of 3 books.