2 Page Paper Needed ASAP

Assignment 2: (20 points) Diagram the Health care System – Linkages and Alliances

 Organizations operating in the U.S. Health Care Sector (USHCS) are a part of a larger system of services.  Identify a health care delivery organization, note how that organization is linked to other health care organizations in the delivery system.  Every organization has a source of referral and a place they release their patients. 

For this assignment, you will explore linkages and alliances.   To this end, your paper should include:

  • A Title page
  • A 2-3 page (double spaced) description of the organization;
  •  graphical representation of the linkages between the organization and other organizations/stakeholders. If you do a Google image search for organizational linkages, you will see plenty of examples of how they might look. You are not required to use a specific type of graphical representation; the key is to be able to understand the relationships between organizations by looking at your linkage graphic;
  • A properly formatted reference page.

As is the case with all academic papers, a well-organized paper will have a clear introduction to the topic, a body, and a conclusion or summary paragraph. In addition, a well-written paper will have minimal grammar, spelling, or sentence structure mistakes and it will fully conform to all .