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Sports Management Law

Please read the word document on how to brief a case; but also see below. Keep in mind that this was created for a law school class; so I will not expect the exact detail. I do however, want you to follow the IRAC formula and BRIEF the Jeremy Bloom case found in page 36 […]

Topic 3 Sunday

Use the practice problem and a quantitative, peer-reviewed research article you identified in the Topic 1 assignment (Topic 1 assignment is Chronic Pain ) to complete this assignment. In a 1000-1,250 word essay, summarize the study, explain the ways in which the findings might be used in nursing practice, and address ethical considerations associated with […]

Week2 Discussion

In Topic 3, we have introduced the idea of interdependency or the idea that national and international problems (and solutions) that affect Americans living in one place have the ability to impact Americans living elsewhere. How do you think interdependency and the federal government’s superior taxing power contributed to a larger policy role for the […]

Create and Literary Advocacy Email to Faculty

Literacy Policy Advocacy Email has to be done no later than 12 noon wednesday Reading/Literacy specialists are consistently tasked with critically analyzing and synthesizing literacy research, policy, and promising practices provided at national, state, and local levels. Further, reading/literacy specialists also identify specialized professional associations (SPAs) that support the research, policy, and practices that are […]


my major is general theatre dance. and i need to write my senior thesis at least 10 pages. it should be including what you learn from your major (I am doing 4 practicums which are customer, stage manger with the show called ” 7 boxes” in my school. you may can talk about it. how […]


At a recent family gathering you were “cornered” by your rather eccentric and strange uncle, Cliff. He is the one most of the family attempts to avoid. He asked about this semester at Avila and you mentioned you were taking an Ethics course. He said, “Ethics, what do you need to know? Everyone knows that […]

Course Project: Part 3 – PowerPoint Presentation

Attached is the previous work done that will help You will create a PowerPoint presentation that should include: (1) a brief outline of the topic and why it is relevant, (2) a description of the opportunities and challenges, (3) examples of where it is in use and their experiences with it and/or possible applications for […]

What is relationship of agency in a start-up company?

In your own words, complete the mini case on 562 of textbook. Textbook Financial Management Theory and Practice a) What is an agency relationship? When you first begin operations, assuming you are the only employee and only your money is invested in the business, would any agency conflicts exist? Explain you answer b) If you […]