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Select an individual – an artist, scientist, musician, writer, or other creative figure – and discuss his or her creative process. You should use primary materials, interviews, and secondary works to support your ideas. What factors contributed to their creative success? Can you identify any particular social or personal elements that may have been important? […]

Report : Hazards:Natural and Technologic

Report about the FEMA exercise scenario The file is too big so I can’t upload it but I the link is below. I need to answer 5 questions each question I need to write a paragraph about the simulation or the videos. what makes this hazard a disaster. ( the video is about the tsunami […]


Debate: As governor, how will your administration improve cybersecurity for the state’s Critical Infrastructures? You are working with the press office of a newly elected Governor. The press office asked you to prepare a three to five paragraph briefing statement (summary introduction) to prepare the Governor and his appointed cybersecurity director in answering the following […]

Day of a Case Manager

You are a correctional case manager working in a minimum security state facility for male offenders. You oversee a caseload of 100 offenders. This week, you have 8 annual assessments and 10 security assessments due. The institutional hearings officer needs you to serve as the witness in 3 institutional hearings by Friday and has asked […]

Module 2 – SLP

RISK: FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION, PROBABILITIES, AND EXPECTED VALUE Risk: Probabilities and Expected Value Scenario: You work for a private investment company that currently has numerous business investments in real estate development, restaurant franchises, and retail chains. Following an exhaustive search for new investment opportunities, you have found three possible alternatives, each of which will pay off […]

Engineering Essay

The Project is “Autonomous Drone”. Give an account of your own values infrastructures that explain your intentions behind the design of your project. Assume that your design project is going to be adopted in a country outside the US and Canada. Consider the potential for conflict at the level of differing values infrastructures between you […]


Chapter 25, Research Report 25.1 – The realistic merger preview The Schweiger and DeNisi (1991) article is not that recent, so it should be possible to find something more recent than this article. The point of the exercise is to find another article dealing with communications or information and change. To that end it may […]