Book Report Assignment

Read the assigned book What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 (i.e.,WIW) by Tina Seelig and submit an eight-page report including failure resume (excluding coversheet and references) following the structure below:

Summarize the book and identify the key takeaways from it. You should also discuss which of these key takeaways resonated with you the most and clearly explain why. (5 pages)

Discuss how this book has enabled you to see yourself and the world through a new (different) lens. Specifically, you must discuss what have you attempted to do differently based on the insights/learning you gained from this book. (1 page)

Discuss the results of TWO of your self-assessments (;; in the context of the entrepreneurial skills highlighted in the book. What skills do you need to develop to achieve your goals that you want to set for the next ten years and what actions do you need to take to develop these skills? (1 page)

Finally, craft a resume that summarizes all your biggest screw ups- Personal, professional and academic. For every failure, each student must describe what he or she learned from that experience. (1 page or so).