brochure on catheter related infections


You are a new grad on the ICU floor. The ICU has been experiencing high recorded incidents of CLASBI. A team of interdisciplinary members begin to collaborate, and you are luck to have been chosen as a member of the team.

You have been tasked to use 3 of the 4 E model framework, which supports EBP. The end goal is to create a handbook/flyer that can be placed on the walls of every ICU in Scorpion Hospital.



  • Please refer to the YouTube video to refresh your memory of the importance of the 4E model.
  • Create a CLASBI Booklet: 4 page flyer that address the importance of CLASBI
  • Slide 1 (Engage: tell a story of a patient that had a detrimental experience related to CLABSI; providing real data as to the detrimental cost and deaths associated with CLASBI. Surf the net to find numerical data)
  • Slide 2-3 (Educate: include correct check-list to prevent CLASBI; include data that support CLASBI prevention; highlight the easiness of compliance)
  • Slide 4 ( Execute: Create catchy motivational quote nurses can remember to stay compliant and continue to be champions to reduce CLABSI; include your references)


Visual sample 1: Clabsi_flyer_example 1.pdf

Visual sample 2: CDC VitalSigns_CLABSI.pdf