Business game


Over the term each executive team will develop and submit (via Blackboard) an organizational analysis report. The report is expected to be detailed and comprehensive. Individual contributions towards the group project paper should be in the vicinity of 1,200 to 1,500 words.. At the minimum, your written project report will include the following :

-External Analysis: Industry and Environment

o Strategic history of the industry

o Five-Forces analysis of the industry

o Segment Analysis OR Competitive Dynamics Analysis

Additional instructions

 All sources of information must be cited.

 Formatting American Psychological Association (APA) academic formatting style for all assignments.

 No information in the analysis may come from a case or case analysis written in any form.

 Unity in the paper. The paper should show unity; that is the content should build together to the conclusions. Content, analysis, and writing should be consistent throughout the paper. Major points will be lost if this is not done.

 Submit final papers by the deadline via Blackboard