Business Plan Topic

business plan is a document, typically prepared in order to obtain
funding and/or financing.  For your Final Paper in Week 5, you will
assume the role of an entrepreneur and create a business plan to present
to an investment company, seeking funding/financing for a type of
health care business.  In the scenario you choose, you may already own a
company you are looking to expand, or you may focus on a start-up
Types of healthcare business you could select include: a
hospital or clinic, dental equipment distributor, a healthcare training
provider, a pharmaceutical biotech research firm, or a company offering
hospice in-home workers.  You may also select a similar company that is
not listed.  

For this assignment, answer the questions listed in Chapter 24, Exhibit
24-2 “Basic Information for the Service or Equipment Description” as
they pertain to your selected business.  These answers will help you as
you begin to develop your business plan. Your paper should be two to
three double-spaced pages in length.