Can anyone do a balance score card and a brief strategic objectives summary?

I will tip very good if the work is superb and has additional references included.

Business Strategic Plan.docx      swott2.doc    

here is a copy of an example of a score card that you can use to input the information Metroplusscorecard.xls

Enclosed is the swott Table and swott analysis paper to help you complete the work… I also need references as well.  Please make sure you provide new references.

Develop at least three strategic objectives for each of the four balanced scorecard areas identified (Financial, Customer, Process, Learning and Growth). 

Base your solutions on a ranking of alternative solutions that includes an identification of potential risks and mitigation plans, and a stakeholder analysis that includes mitigation and contingency strategies. You should also incorporate the ethical implications of your solutions into your selection.

  • For each strategic objective, develop a metric and target using a balanced scorecard format. (For example, a strategic objective in the shareholder or Financial Perspective is to increase market share. A metric to actually measure this strategic objective of market share increase is, “The percentage of increase in market share.” The target is the specific number to be achieved in a particular time period. The target for the metric of “Increase market share” could be “Increase market share by 2% for each of the next 3 years” of an increase of 2% per year for 3 years.)

Write a 700 word strategic objectives summary.  Include your balanced scorecard and its impact on all stakeholders, and the communication plan.

APA format