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For the Unit 3 written Assignment, you will review and discuss the case of Alton Logan. Alton Logan was imprisoned for 26 years for a crime that he did not commit. After Mr. Logan was convicted, Andrew Wilson confessed to committing this crime — but his confession was made to the guilty man’s two lawyers who refused to breach their duty of confidentiality. Before you begin your Assignment, read the article associated with the Alton Logan case using the following link Be sure to scroll down past the ad for a subscription in order to read the article.

You will then research the relevant Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct related to confidentiality. After reading this article and researching the Rules, please identify and apply the relevant rule that supports the position of the attorneys for Andrew Wilson. Discuss how the attorney client privilege might apply if Andrew Wilson’s attorneys were asked to testify in court about what their client told them. Explain whether the attorneys could have used an exception to these rules if Alton Logan had been sentenced to death, as opposed to life in prison.

Take some time at the end of your paper to discuss whether ABA Model Rule 1.6 can be consistently adhered to when considering diversity and multi-culturalism in a way in which the community is benefited.

Your paper should contain 2 full pages of content and will meet APA format requirements.