Can you write this philosophy paper by Tuesday?

This class covers possible worlds. This paper needs to be 7-8 pages.The prompt is In “Must God Create the Best?”, Adams defends the claim that an omnipotent and perfectly good moral agent need not create the best of all possible worlds; in other words, he defends the existence of a benevolent and all-powerful creator of the universe against the charge that such a being would have created a much better world. In the last two sections, he considers and responds to an objection to his argument based on the case of parents who take a drug with the intention of thereby conceiving and raising a severely mentally handicapped child. As clearly as you can, and in your own words, explain Adam’s argument, including this objection and his response. Then critically evaluate his argument. Are you convinced? Why or why not? The article that the paper is analyzing is “Must God Create the Best?” by Robert Merrihew Adams… The paper is double spaced. Anything cited should be in footnotes. For some useful tips on how to write a philosophy paper, see either Peter Horban, “Writing a Philosophy Paper” or Bryan Roberts, “7 Steps to a Better Philosophy Paper” (both online).