career pathway individual

Question 1: Select one career sector and one career option that you prefer from the list identified by your group, and provide at least three reasons each for your choice. (200-250 words)

Question 2: Choose one dream employer from the employers list identified by your group. What is this sector and what is the type of the industry? Why did you choose this employer? Discuss how this employer is relevant to your specialization and career growth. (200-250 words)

Question 3: Based on the dream employer, prepare an info graphic chart to show the different positions from the year of entry to 10 years. Write the requirements of this employer in terms of qualification, key skills and competencies, certifications/courses, and job responsibilities at each stage. (150-200 words).(If this information is gathered from an interview, you can video record the same if the person you interviewed agrees)

Question 4: Refer to Plan A and Plan B sample on pages 26-27 of your text book, The Graduate Career Guidebook, list down what steps as action plans will you take to plan your onward career path from this semester to become a chartered engineer. Put a Plan A & Plan B to reach the same goal in table format. (150-200 words)

Question 5: What makes you a global engineer (consider UK SPEC / IEEE / ASME / SPE / CIOB / etc.)? Discuss the courses you will need to take and competencies you will need to develop in your area of engineering specialisation to meet global standards. Provide five examples each. (200-250 words)

Write a brief summary of the person you interviewed. His / Her position, place of work, and number of years s/he has been working


(Use In text and Full Referencing in CCE In-house Style)

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