Case Conceptualization #3 – Advanced Youth Counseling

Using resources from your text, ch 19 and ch 20 . Complete a case conceptualization (no more than 2 pages) for Andrew (below) and submit it to drop box.

  1. (Brandell, Social Work Theory and Practice, 1997) Andrew, 11 years old, African American male, he is the oldest of 4 (9 year old sister, 7 year old brother, 3 year old brother and a 6 month old baby brother) came from a physically and verbally abusive home. Shortly after the beginning of the school year in October the school was alerted that Andrew was missing 3 out of the 5 weekdays every week. With this information they identified Andrew as “at risk” for failing and truancy. Social Skill deficits were also noted during lunch and recess Andrew sat alone and didn’t interact with the other kids even when asked. Through interviews with Andrew and his parents, therapy was recommended. His parents agreed and were working with another counselor at the same time as Andrew. He lived in an area of the city with a low Socioeconomic Status and Social Services involvement was not uncommon. In time Andrew was able to tell his therapist stories of the abuse, though he did not trust that his exposure of his parent would not cause his loss of them. He was very fearful that the would become a foster child and be separated from his parents and siblings. His siblings came up a lot in treatment and he seemed to be constantly worried about them ……

Therapist worked with Andrew to build rapport and develop some level of trust. The therapist made no promises that he would remain at home with his parents but attempted to give him hope that since they were trying (in treatment themselves) the chances were better that they would remain in the same home. Somewhat later in the heart of treatment, Andrew seemed to close down and become removed from the therapist.

Present a comprehensive case conceptualization for Andrew by answering the following questions:

What do you need to know more about regarding his case?

What are the significant details you already know?

What are two interventions you would use with this client and why?

How would you tell the client that you have to report his case and breach confidentiality? How would you build back rapport after?

Include answers to ALL parts. APA formatting. Times new Roman, double spacing, 12 point. Reference the book which I will send the info to. This is for a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate course studying to be a counselor/therapist in the US (DIFFERENT from a psychiatrist or psychologist) so please write with that perspective in mind.