The lessons learned in this course, are first and foremost, practical tools for assessing the governance strength and stability of nonprofit organizations. For this assignment, I am asking you to conduct an assessment of a real nonprofit organization, using the attached checklist and your knowledge from this course. Specifically, you should:

1. Identify a nonprofit organization willing to allow you to conduct the assessment. I will provide you with a document to share that states you are not providing legal advice (an ethical requirement) and also indicates that the information provided by the organization is for educational purposes and will not be shared outside of this class. You may select a nonprofit you are familiar with or you can contact me and I will connect you with one. For this assignment, I would recommend choosing a small organization,

2. Use the checklist to guide the interview with your chosen organization. Take careful notes on what you learn, particularly where an organization appears to be out of compliance. Apply what you have learned in this course to apply each of the survey items. If the organization is willing to share its governance documents, take the time to review them as well.

3. Using the results of your review, draft a memo (directed to the board of directors of the organization) assessing the organization’s “legal health.” Note areas where there may be compliance issues and make recommendations on how to address. You may use your textbook as a resource.

Your memo will be graded on quality of composition, strength of your analysis and your mastery of the legal terms involved.