Case Study – Communication Implications of Major Organizational Theories

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Answer the questions by following “Communication Implications of Major OrganizationalTheories ” (Chapter 3)

1. Why did Jane not know she was considered an average performer?

2. What should Martin have done? What should he do now?

3. If you were the HR director, what would you tell Jane?

4. Which perspectives from this chapter should be applied to this case?

the “What Do You Mean I am Not promoted?” Case

Jane Avery had worked for Custom Printing for two years as a customer support person
in charge of creating customer bids/estimates for the sales representatives. Jane knew many
of her estimates were changed by the sales staff but she considered the changes just part of
what sales reps do. Her supervisor, Martin Craig, gave her “meeting expectations” appraisals
and mostly did not communicate performance feedback. Jane knew the two year mark was
usually important at Custom. Two of her friends, Corey and Justin, both had been promoted
to sales representatives just after their two year anniversaries. Jane thought the sales represen-
tative job was more interesting than estimating and also carried a higher salary. She was eager
to follow her friends who seemed to enjoy their work.

Shortly after her two year anniversary, Jane applied for an open sales representative
position assuming she would be selected. She was shocked when she was not interviewed
and a person who worked for another printing company was hired. She confronted Martin
asking for an explanation. Martin appeared surprised. He told Jane she should have known
her work was “OK” but not outstanding. Until she learned to perform better when estimating
bids, it was unlikely Jane would ever be promoted.

Jane made an appointment with the head of the Human Resources department. She con-
sidered whether she should file a complaint against Martin. She asked Corey and Justin for
advice. Both of her friends were vague but suggested the HR director should be able to help.