Case Study Critical Analysis

I. Introduction

A. How is the organization described in the case study? What are its key attributes? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

II. Organizational Modeling

  1. Describe a current behavioral organizational model used in the case study.
  2. Compare the current behavioral organizational model used above to other models used within the industry and also within external relatedindustries.
  3. Explain why there are differences between the organizational model used by the organization in the case study and those used by organizationsin another similar industry. In other words, what are some of the reasons for using these different organizational models?
  4. Compare the current impact of culture on current organizational models to the impact culture has had on past organizationalmodels.
  5. Explain how the organization is or is not operating within an organizational model unique to its industry.
  6. Explain if motivational models have shifted in comparison to the organizational modeling trends.

Follow prompts on rubric.