Analyzing an Income Statement, business and finance homework help

Income statements are presented in the table below for the Elf Corporation for the years ending December 31, 2010, 2009, and 2008. Write a one-paragraph analysis of Elf Corporation’s profit performance for the period. Create a common-sized income statement for the three years. What conclusions can you draw from the different parts of the statement? What are the causes and effects of Elf’s performance for those three years?

Elf Corporation Income Statements for the Years Ending December 31

(in millions) 2010 2009 2008
Sales $700 $650 $550
Cost of goods sold 350 325 275
Gross profit 350 325 275
Operating Expenses:
Administrative 100 100 100
Advertising and marketing 50 75 75
Operating profit $200 $150 $100
Interest expense 70 50 30
Earnings before tax $130 $100 $ 70
Tax expense (50%) 65 50 35
Net income $ 65 $50 $ 35

HM 582 due Thursday by midnight


David Lloyd, vice president of human resources for Summer Sun Casinos, Inc., watched Anne Furlong leave his office. He sat back and reflected on the meeting they’d just had. It wouldn’t be many months before they would have to staff the new $160 million Midnight Sun Hotel and Casino property nearing completion with an estimated 1,800 to 2,000 employees. David and Ann had agreed that staffing for a hard opening1 was always difficult and always crucial to the initial success of a property. David had participated in the opening of several new hotels and casino hotels in his career. As he had opinioned to Ann as she was leaving “We’ve just got to do it better. Maybe it’s worth doing it differently than we’ve ever done it before.”


Summer Sun Casinos, Inc., began in 1976 as The Casino, a 5,000 square foot gaming property in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the 1980s, The Casino was transformed and enlarged to become the Blue Sun Hotel and Casino. It now had approximately 25 times the space of the original property. In 1993 the company went public with what became the most successful gaming offering in the history of Wall Street. Since that year, Summer Sun Casinos had opened a new property every year. At present Summer Sun Casinos had five properties in Las Vegas, including the Blue Sun, and two casinos in Missouri. Soon to be opened in the summer of 1997 was the newest Summer Sun property, the Midnight Sun Hotel and Casino. 1 A “hard opening” was when a property opened its door with all services at full or nearly full capacity. Las Vegas had been the center of legalized gambling in the United States for many decades. Casino hotels clustered downtown and for several miles along “The Strip.” In recent years there had been a surge of new openings, several every year. Las Vegas had been the fastest growing city in the United States for the past four years. While growth in the gaming industry accounted for much of Las Vegas’s recent growth, it also had been attracting high technology firms and other light industry as well as retirees and others who wished to escape the pollution and congestion of large cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago. More and more, new casino hotels strived to be family-oriented, having some distinctive entertainment theme, regular exhibits or activities, for example, the erupting volcano in front of The Mirage, the pirate ship battle in front of Treasure Island, or the jousting matches in the Excalibur, to differentiate themselves from their competition.


Recruitment for new casino hotels was a straightforward process. Companies typically ran advertisements in local newspapers announcing staff hiring with a series of days noted for interested people to show up. Applicants came to the appointed place, got in line and waited until their turn, when they were given an application form to fill out. When the form was completed, it was handed in to one of several recruiters who then scanned it. If an applicant possessed minimum qualifications, they were either given an appointment for an interview or interviewed right then. On the first day of this process, as many as 3,000 people might show up to fill out an application. Some might have to stand in line for half a day or more. As Ann Furlong, the human resource director for the new hotel and casino noted, When you open the first day, your objective is to attract people. Then, when 2,000 people show up, your objective becomes how do we get these people out of here. And this is totally opposite from what you are trying to do. Your mission changes from what you are trying to do. Your mission changes from one of evaluation to processing, and you can’t staff a property properly by just processing. Furlong added, that to help ease the pressure of the situation, she and her staff sometimes even stood in line with applicants, telling them jokes, serving coffee in cold weather, anything to keep them from feeling frustrated. David Lloyd believed there were real weaknesses in the conventional recruitment process. For Summer Sun Casinos, finding and keeping the best employees was believed to be an important way to keep a step ahead of the competition. The Summer Sun Casino philosophy was simple in concept: hire the best employees using the best selection process available. Summer Sun’s goal was to have applicants enjoy the selection process so much that, even if not hired, they would return as customers. Yet there were many barriers. According to Lloyd: Managers have some real problems today. Their pressure is to fill a job while focusing on the operations part of the business. Their number one priority is “get someone in here,” their number two priority is “get someone in here who can do the job,” and their number three priority is “get someone in here who can do the job and is the best candidate available.” It’s very hard for them to step outside the operation and give recruiting the attention it deserves.


The newest property of Summer Sun Casinos, Inc., was to be the Midnight Sun. Located on 160 acres of concentrated, commercially developed land, the property under construction would include a 527-room hotel tower and 80,000 square feet of casino space. There would be six full-service restaurants. Other features of the property were to include a microbrewery, a 13-screen movie theater, and much more. Like other casino hotels, Midnight Sun would operate seven days a week with most services available around the clock. WHAT TO DO The more David Lloyd thought about the staffing of the Midnight Sun ahead of him and Ann, the more he was sure that it was time to reexamine the entire selection process. Taking out a pad of paper he began to sketch his ideas. Two objectives immediately came to mind: to increase the applicant flow and to decrease the number of candidates selected to complete the full interview process. Jotting these objectives down, David paused, turning these into numbers, even rough numbers was the next step. And, he didn’t want to just focus on the Midnight Sun for this was an opportunity to reconceive recruitment for the whole corporation. David knew that the corporate annual applicant flow was about 38,000 and in the past that the company had selected about 4 percent. Since his general objectives seemed reasonable, and he thought that his staff probably could spend time with about 20,000 selected applicants, it meant that to be more selective would mean hiring 2.5 percent of these 20,000, who, according to his experience, would come from an applicant pool of 80,000. Jotting these figures down on his pad, David leaned back and grinned to himself. It seemed like a pipe dream. Human resources would have to have its own building and additional staff. To upgrade the quality of hires and fill jobs in a more timely manner while increasing the applicant flow more than 50 percent seemed impossible. Turning his desk chair to look out the window David Lloyd mused to himself, “I’m sure there is some sort of high-tech, high-touch solution. I’ll start looking around to see what’s available.” In the ensuing weeks David Lloyd began to research available options. He realized that whatever was chosen would be put to the test in the staffing of the soon to be completed Midnight Sun. After several conversations with the Midnight Sun’s HR director, Ann Furlong, Lloyd concluded that what was needed was a technology assisted telephone-screening device to take the routine, time-consuming work of getting applications and initial screening out of the hands of his HR staff and operations managers giving them more time to focus on the better candidates. Lloyd discovered that a firm in Laramie, Wyoming called Birch Tree Software (BTS), Inc., had developed computer-assisted products to improve several human resource activities such as managing customized internal databases and exit interviews. What intrigued him about BTS was both its ongoing validation research on its products and the high level of customer service offered. Contacting BTS, Lloyd quickly learned that it had recently developed a new screening system and wanted a site in which to test it. The BTS Computer-Assisted Phone Screening (CAPS) system, however, was designed for situations where approximately 1,500 to 2,000 employee prospects were expected to be processed. With the CAPS system, Summer Sun Casinos would run advertisements in local and regional newspapers informing readers that they were about to staff a new hotel and casino. Interested people were instructed to call a telephone number provided and answer a series of short questions over the phone. If the caller met the minimum qualifications for the job in question, programmed into the software, he or she was transferred to a HR assistant and scheduled for an appointment at his/her convenience at the Midnight Sun hiring center. On arrival at the hiring center, the person would complete an application, participate in a group interview, and then talk with an employment manager one-on-one, a process lasting no longer than two hours per applicant. Lloyd and Furlong met to talk about how well this new system might work from both the company’s point of view as well as from the applicant’s point of view. Was the CAPS system worth trying?

Read the following: The Summer Sun Casinos Inc. (pgs. 257-259)

2. Read the case carefully. Assume you have been hired as a Consultant to analyze business operation. In an essay, answer the following: Based on the information presented in the case:

3. What are the organizational strengths presented in this case?

4. What are the organizational weaknesses?

5. Suggest initiatives to help increase productivity. Would you recommend changes to the departmental staffing structure? Why or why not?

6. Submissions will be graded against the “Writing Expectations” rubric posted in our online classroom as well as the strength of strategic recommendations.

7. Apply APA formatting (title page, introduction, in-text citations, concluding paragraph, headings, and reference page).

Social Justice Analytical Research Essay

For this analytical research essay assignment, you will select and research a social justice issue
relevant to the chronology/themes of the course and then explore the cultural, political, religious,
economic and material values that normalized power and privilege in a particular time/place.
Through careful research/examination, you will uncover evolutions in community values/norms,
notions of authority, justice/injustice and equality/inequality and write a 5-7 page analytical essay
based on your research. Your essay must include a minimum of 4 primary sources and a
minimum of 4 scholarly secondary sources. All students are required to submit a preliminary
research proposal, an annotated bibliography, and a completed 5-7 page essay.

1000 words Assignment

Use the Information Technology especially ” the computer maintenance” as an example of service for this assignment.

Write a 1000 words (references page not included in the count) paper that addresses the following:

1. Assesses important segments of a marketing plan for the computer maintenance service in detail

2. Evaluates how creating a marketing plan for the computer maintenance service is different from how you might create a plan for a tangible product.

3. Fully explains strategy for incorporating ethics into one’s plan to ensure the building and sustainment of long-term relationships.nclusion

No cover page… at least 5 references no more than 5 years old nee to be incorporated in the paper

No introduction or conclusion

business law 600 words

As noted in WA3, Kyle took your advice and decided not to spend the money to fight for his claim to “” as the domain name for his new product line, Alabama’s Best Foods and reorganized the company as a LLC (limited liability company). Kyle, however, does want to continue the move of his business, Alabama Sunshine, to the next level of operations and he wants to complete the expansion by construct of a new store in Florala, AL. Recall that the property was owned by Sam; however, since Kyle’s business was so successful and people throughout Alabama and abutting States knew him and Alabama Sunshine, Kyle hired Angie to contact Sam, negotiate a price, and, if possible, buy Sam’s property, Kyle instructed Angie to not tell Sam that she was working for Kyle. Unfortunately, Angie realized that Sam’s property was an exceptionally good deal and bought the property for herself, not Kyle as agreed. Kyle has gotten over his anger and wants to move on with the construction of the new building on Greenacre (the Angie/Sam parcel of land).

Angie had acquired Greenacre in fee simple absolute and proposes to convey Greenacre to Kyle with a right of reverter (reversionary interest) as the location for Kyle’s new store. The proposed conveyance would be a defeasible fee (fee simple defeasible) with the condition that, should Kyle fail to construct and open his store on Greenacre within 24 months or should Kyle cease to use Greenacre as a site for his store in the future, then Greenacre would revert back to Angie or her heirs. Angie also mentions that she does not want to transfer mineral rights to Kyle.

All this sounds pretty complicated to Kyle and he is growing nervous about this deal. His knowledge is in growing, processing, and marketing produce, not real estate transactions and land transfers. Knowing that you are (successfully) completing BL 240 and have studied land-use control and real property, Kyle turns to you for counsel. He is also concerned about any other problems that he should consider in this transaction or relating to the construction of the new business location. What are the legal issues and how would you advise Kyle? Kyle also mentions that a customer of United Nutrition Associates (UNA—recall WA2) is complaining that his holiday pack did not provide the health benefits that she would expect from organically grown produce. The family has filed a complaint with the federal government and is now threatening a lawsuit. Kyle wants to know what the legal issues are and how he should respond.

Supreme Court Briefing, Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer, What was the background of the case, including the results at the lower courts

Read the following court case material and answer the following questions. The case is titled Trinity Lutheran vs. Comer. i have attached the case material and the questions that need to be answered in detail.

.The case is titled Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer. This case was especially important because it was one of the first major cases for Justice Gorsuch. Read the case material and answer the following questions.

1. Who wrote the majority opinion?

2. What was the background of the case, including the results at the lower courts?

3. What essential legal issue was the Supreme Court addressing?

4. What did the Supreme Court ultimately decide and do with the case?

5. What was the basis/reasoning for the Court’s decision?

6. What was the Locke case about and why was this different?

7. What other opinions were written and who wrote them? (I don’t need to know what they actually wrote about.) (10)

Make or Buy


You are the project manager on Project VIM, which is building a new printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine from various component parts. One of the component parts for the VIM product is currently available from a supplier for $115,000 for the 5,000 units you need. You took over for a prior project manager who only allocated $90,000 for this component. This means that you will exceed your project budget if you purchase the VIM component units from this supplier.

You reach out to your in-house manufacturing group and find that you can produce these 5,000 units in-house, within a time frame that fits the project timeline. The manufacturing group indicates that there is a one-time charge of $3,000 for setting up the production line. The material and labor cost will be $12 per unit if the firm manufactures the product in-house. You also learn that since this is a new set-up (which is using old equipment), the in-house manufacturing team estimates the following defects percentages, as well as the probability of those defects occurring:

Defect % 0 25 35 40
Probability of occurrence (%) 10 60 20 10

The replacement cost for defective components made in-house is $30 per defective unit.

Calculate the following (using the Excel Template linked below):

  • Total material costs
  • Expected number of defective units at each defect percentage (%)
  • Cost of replacing defective units at each defect percentage (%)
  • Material costs plus cost of replacing defective units at each defect percentage (%)
  • The probability of cost for the defect percentage (%) levels
  • Expected value of “making” components in-house

Address the following in a written essay:

  • Using the expected value, present your recommendation to make or buy the Project VIM component parts.
  • Will you need to issue a change request for additional money on your project? If so, for how much; and, if not, why not? What reasons do you think management might use to opt for the less economical choice?


For the calculation section, complete the attached Excel template or a similar one. Post the answers in the Excel file.

For the essay submit a 2 single spaced pages including 2 peer reviewed reference and headings, introduction and conclusion where ever needed.

International Business Communications Essay 400-600 words including graph/table

You are in the role of project manager for a coffee franchise global expansion project. You plan to expand into three different countries. The magnitude of the project requires you to prepare for the project kickoff meeting and business negotiations with the project team who are potential partners from Mexico, China, and Saudi Arabia. You understand that these cultures are vastly different. They have different business customs, social protocols, and languages, so conducting business with each country requires a customized approach.

To prepare for your first outreach effort with each country, analyze the cultural similarities and differences that exist between the countries and the United States using Geert Hofstede’s Six Cultural Dimensions as discussed in class. Note that the three countries are characterized by collectivism while the United States has an individualist culture.

Create a bar graph and/or table that summarizes the key cultural dimension comparison. Then, compare and contrast each country according to your findings. Discuss the implications of the relative cultural dimensions. How might they impact managing the global expansion project? Remember that you are adapting your approach from a United States centric view. (400-600 words).

This assignment lays the foundation for IP4, where you will apply your findings to forming an effective global team.

Step One:

Visit Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions

Step Two:

Create a country comparison using the United States in first dropdown menu box to see the values for the six cultural dimensions. After selecting the United States, a second and a third country can be chosen in the second dropdown menu box. Keep the United States in the first box and then repeat for each country (Mexico, China, and Saudi Arabia) involved in the fast food expansion project to see a comparison of their scores.

Step Three:

Create a bar graph and/or table to highlight how the four countries compare to the United States by using the value scores under the comparison to create the bar chart. How to make a bar chart on Microsoft Word:

  1. Click “Insert” tab
  2. Click “Chart” in the Illustrations Group
  3. Select “Bar”
  4. Click “OK” to insert a chart and a spreadsheet will open alongside your Word document. The spreadsheet contains sample figures surrounded by a blue border. Column “A” contains data labels. The remaining columns contain data.
  5. Click a corner of the border. Drag it down or up to add or remove items from the graph.

Step Four:

Using your findings:

  • Explain Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.
  • Using the United States as a basis for comparison, evaluate each country’s similarities and differences relative to the franchise business deployment.
  • Discuss the implications for your initial communications within each country. For example, what is the impact of collectivism relative to individualism regarding management communication? Use Intellipath, MUSE, Beyond the Book. Live Chats and the CTU Library to help identify cultural characteristics that will be important during your first project meeting with each country.

Research Methods Project


For this project, you will write a research proposal using an appropriate research

method and design. In this proposal, you will answer a research question that is based

upon a specific management problem, which will also be selected by you. The

management problem should be one that organizations face today.

Once you select the research problem you are going to address, you will define the

problem in your own context (i.e., your own organization) and narrow the focus of the

research study by writing a specific research question that will guide the creation of

the research proposal.

In this project, you will provide details about how the research study should be

conducted and include the literature review, method, design and data collection

processes. You are not required to conduct the research study, but the proposal

should be detailed enough that the study could be conducted using your proposal as

the guide. Ethical research practices will need to be addressed in the proposal as

well, including how your proposal will ensure the protection of those involved.

DOs and Don’ts , computer science homework help

Give me about a page or so of your thoughts on the differences between news writing and writing for other purposes. This is your thought and you do not have to cite your sources.

Listed below are some broadcast news writing DOs and Don’ts (taken from the Broadcast News Handbook). Tell me why you would or would not want to do this for your news story. It’s a fairly simple assignment so don’t try to make it anything more than it is. Just take each point and give me a reason.


Be clear and Concise

Make life easy for the Anchor

Write like people talk

Be careful with pronouns



Forget that you know more about the story than your audience

Depend on your computer to catch mistakes

Fail to make corrections on the prompter as well as on hard copy