Report : Hazards:Natural and Technologic

Report about the FEMA exercise scenario

The file is too big so I can’t upload it but I the link is below.

I need to answer 5 questions each question I need to write a paragraph about the simulation or the videos.

what makes this hazard a disaster. ( the video is about the tsunami and other things that hits Puerto Rico)

What goes into the management preparation information


What happen in the different places like what happen. compared the tsunami and the earthquake

with the majors states or countries that they are referring to

how many people dead for the earthquake or tsunami or the hazards this is a catastrophic event?

Talk about the phases of emergency management comparing with the events of the videos or ( Mitigation, Preparation, Response, Recovery)…


Debate: As governor, how will your administration improve cybersecurity for the state’s Critical Infrastructures?

You are working with the press office of a newly elected Governor. The press office asked you to prepare a three to five paragraph briefing statement (summary introduction) to prepare the Governor and his appointed cybersecurity director in answering the following question:

As governor, how will your administration improve cybersecurity for the state’s Critical Infrastructures?

This question will be asked of the new Governor regarding his/her state-level critical infrastructure. You should not address any single candidate or party. Remember, you are preparing the newly elective governor to answer the question, you are not answering as the governor.

Your briefing statement must provide enough information that the Governor understands key terms as defined by you for the question:

  • What is meant by “cybersecurity” for critical infrastructures?”
  • Where have past state government administrations supported or fallen short in promoting cybersecurity for critical infrastructures?
  • What is meant by “Threats” (i.e. individual hackers, politically motivated hacktivists, criminal enterprises, and unfriendly “nation state” actors)

If you need help getting started, take a look at this report: or, run this Google search:

Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.


Below are the five countries that were presented. Write a reflection on the four you did not present on. You reflection of your presentation should be completed in the .




The questions are:

Journal Entry

Please include a list of references used to obtain your information and include it in a journal entry to be uploaded into Canvas.

Each participant should provide written answers to the following five questions:

1.Based on what you knew or believed you knew about the country; did you learn something new or different?

2.What did you find unique or surprising about the culture, customs, or people?

3.Is this a country you would or would not like to visit? Why or Why not?

4.Is there something else you would like to know about the country, but was not presented?

5. What was you overall reflection of the presentation?

i just want you to talk about three of the four country which is Brazil, Columbia and Japan.

please note that there are a total of three presentations.

Day of a Case Manager

You are a correctional case manager working in a minimum security state facility for male offenders. You oversee a caseload of 100 offenders. This week, you have 8 annual assessments and 10 security assessments due. The institutional hearings officer needs you to serve as the witness in 3 institutional hearings by Friday and has asked you when you can fit them in. Transportation runs on Friday, and you are expecting 10 incoming offenders and 4 to transfer out. The warden has asked you to handle the intake for the incoming offenders, which should take about 2 hours, depending on when the transportation bus arrives. You also need to prepare the institutional records for the 4 outgoing offenders.

You need to find 2 new offenders that will qualify to work on road crew. This involves reviewing presentence investigations, security assessments, treatment assessments, and interviewing the potential workers. The road crew supervisor says he has some big projects coming up and needs the new workers immediately.

You also need to get rooms set up for the 12-step meetings for the alcoholics on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, which involves setting up chairs and getting the coffee ready for brewing. A local church group is visiting on Thursday at 2 pm and will need a staff escort while inside the facility. A local high school will be touring the facility on Friday morning. They will also need a staff escort while touring the facility. You also need to choose a few offenders that can speak to the students prior to their tour.

You have a treatment team meeting every Friday from 2–4 to discuss case management issues with other treatment and security staff. The dog team, which you lead, holds weekly meetings on Mondays, and the warden requires that you spend at least 1 hour on the dorm each day.

Develop your weekly action plan to address all of your tasks and meetings. Make sure to address the following in 3–5 pages:

  • Keep in mind that urgent issues, whether important or not important, will occur throughout the day.
  • Discuss how you would plan your week to ensure that you get all of your important tasks accomplished.
  • Are there areas you could ask for assistance with? If so, who would you ask?
  • Are there tasks or meetings that you could choose not to attend?
  • Which tasks are the most important, and which may be able to wait until you have more time for them?
  • APA format with scholarly references 4-6 minimum with in text citations
  • Template with Abstract required and supplied upon acceptance.

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Module 2 – SLP


Risk: Probabilities and Expected Value

Scenario: You work for a private investment company that currently has numerous business investments in real estate development, restaurant franchises, and retail chains. Following an exhaustive search for new investment opportunities, you have found three possible alternatives, each of which will pay off in exactly 10 years from the date of initial investment. Because you only have enough money to invest in one of the three options, you recognize that you will need to complete a quantitative comparison of the three alternatives:

Option A: Real estate development.

Option B: Investment in the retail franchise “Just Hats,” a boutique that sells hats for men and women.

Option C: Investment in “Cupcakes and so forth,” a franchise that sells a wide variety of cupcakes and a variety other desserts.

Download the raw data for the three investments in this Excel document: Raw data for BUS520 SLP 2 (see attached Below)


Develop an analysis of these three investments in Excel. Use expected value to determine which of the three alternatives you should choose.

Write a report to your private investment company, explaining your Excel analysis, giving your recommendation, and justifying your decision.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Excel Analysis

  • Using Excel, make an accurate and complete analysis of the three investment alternatives.

Written Report

  • Length requirements: 2–3 pages minimum (not including Cover and Reference pages). NOTE: You must submit 2–3 pages of written discussion and analysis. This means that you should avoid use of tables and charts as “space fillers.”
  • Provide a brief introduction to/background of the problem.
  • Discuss the steps you used in completion of your Excel analysis.
  • Based on your Excel analysis, give your recommendation as to which of the three investment alternatives should be pursued.

Upload both your written report and Excel file to the SLP 2 Dropbox.

Engineering Essay

The Project is “Autonomous Drone”.

Give an account of your own values infrastructures that explain your intentions behind the design of your project. Assume that your design project is going to be adopted in a country outside the US and Canada. Consider the potential for conflict at the level of differing values infrastructures between you as a designer and the adopting population as end users.

In your write up, be sure to:

1. Describe what you are building for your project.

2. Explain: why you are making it?; how are you making it?; for whom are you making it?

3. Assume that your design will be adopted in a country outside the US and Canada. Pick one country only.

4. Give an account of your own values infrastructures that best explain your intentions behind your project. Consider the intentions behind your design and the intentions of your targeted end users. Can you anticipate or foresee unintentional consequences in your design? Can you foresee whether your design will be used ethically or unethically? Are there any ways you would not want your design to be used at all?


Chapter 25, Research Report 25.1 – The realistic merger preview

The Schweiger and DeNisi (1991) article is not that recent, so it should be possible to find something more recent than this article. The point of the exercise is to find another article dealing with communications or information and change.

To that end it may be helpful to:

  1. Use the library databases to search on “communication”, “change”, “merger”, or “change” as well as the authors’ names to find related articles. The chapter may provide you with useful search terms as well. Given the difficulty that you may have in finding a direct match, if you find an article that deals with similar issues, that will be sufficient for this exercise.
  2. Use Research report 25.1 to generate search terms, as previously suggested. The narrative has useful phrases that can be used for a literature search.
  3. You do not want to merely summarize the article. You want to indicate whether the article you found is consistent or inconsistent with the Schweiger and DeNisi (1991) findings. Then you want to discuss what these results, as a whole (both articles together), mean to leaders and managers in terms of being able to consider the effects of communication and information sharing on change efforts.



This last assignment of the course provides you an opportunity to reflect upon your learning and expectations from this course.

Use the Discussion Area to discuss the following:

  • What did you learn about yourself through your time spent in the writing process?
  • What were the problems you faced and how did you deal with any related frustrations?
  • What did you learn about your strengths and weaknesses in researching, writing, and revising?
  • How did the conclusions you reached at the end of your research paper match the expectations you had when you began your research paper? Did any of the research findings surprise you or challenge the assumptions you had at the beginning of the research?
  • Given your experience in this course, you now understand better the scholarly requirements of a psychologist. In this context, explain the career direction you see yourself pursuing—researcher, clinician, educator, or something else. How has this course experience helped you to develop some goals?

In the Module 5 Discussion Area, post your Reflection response.  The post should be at least 100 words in length and should include all of the bulleted items listed above.  Post your Reflection response to the Discussion Area by Sunday, June 22, 2014.

Review and respond to at least two your classmates’ posts through Wednesday, June 25, 2014. Share your perspectives on their Reflection posts and offer feedback to them about their experiences in this course and their identified goals.

Complete bibliography and complete final project

Submit a Bibliography- This should be in a separate paper before you start the essay please complete the bibliography first. The sources that you use in the bibliography should be added into the final project references.

Review the requirements for the Portfolio Project. Prepare and submit a bibliography of research sources that you plan to use for the Portfolio Project. The bibliography should consist of at least 10 credible reference sources, including at least two peer-reviewed articles. The bibliography entries must be formatted per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.

This submission is worth 25 points of your Portfolio Project, which is due in Module 8 final project.. Additionally, you will be expected to account for the instructor’s feedback in the final version of the Portfolio Project assignment.

Business Plan Presentation for Large Hospital- Final project 325 points.

For this project, you are to assess an existing service line or program (such as a diabetes management program, comprehensive oncology center, etc.) for a real healthcare organization (you may select a hospital, large medical group, nursing home, or an ambulatory care facility) in your community. For the purpose of the assignment, assume that you are the Director of Strategic Planning for this organization and the CEO has assigned you the responsibility for assessing where the program is in its life cycle, and whether the organization should expand the program, continue the current strategy and maintain the program as is, or close the program. The summary of your assessment will be presented to the Board of Directors.

Your presentation should be organized according to the following structure and must contain the following elements:

  • Introduction:
    • A brief description of the current program.
    • Alignment with the organization’s mission, vision and goals that support the project.
  • Assessment: An evaluation of various factors that affect the feasibility and project development.
    • Where the program is in its life cycle.
    • Whether the organization should expand the program, continue the current strategy and maintain the program as is, or close the program.
    • Justification via a robust assessment of the internal and external environment, using at least 2 tools discussed in our course; such as SWOT+PEST, Five Forces, BCG, etc.
    • Consideration of organizational restrictions and constraints, mission, vision, values, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.
    • Relevant organizational issues and context, and multiple perspectives and dimensions are considered.
    • Consideration of relevant market forces.
  • Action Plan: Provide a summary of your recommendations and strategies for implementation.
    • Realistic strategies and tactics identified with sufficient detail for either growth, maintenance, or closure of the program.
    • Articulates the who, what, when, where and why.
  • Program Evaluation: A brief discussion of how you will evaluate and benchmark the project, post-implementation.
    • Specifies measures that would be tracked and trended post-implementation to ensure the action was effective and efficient.
    • Relevant organizational issues and context, and multiple perspectives and dimensions are considered.
  • Conclusion: This summary should pull together your assessment and recommendations and leave the audience with a clear sense of what can be done.

The presentation must meet the following requirements:

  • 10-15 slides in length (excluding title and reference slides).
  • Be submitted as a PowerPoint file; do not submit presentation as a PDF or MS Word file type.
  • Each slide must provide detailed speakers notes – a minimum of 75 words. Notes must draw from and cite relevant reference materials.
  • Presentations must adhere to academic integrity standards; limited use of direct quotes, proper paraphrasing, citing sources, etc.
  • Format citations and reference list according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
  • Include at least 10 current references from the peer-reviewed articles. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find peer-reviewed articles
  • ** throughout the fifteen slides please include detailed notes in each slide as this project is worth a lot of points, you can add videos or extra course materials that you think is relevant to achieve a high grade.**