charles brockden brown quot somnambulism quot

2. Keeping in mind the elements of Gothic fiction listed below, consider how Charles Brockden Brown might have adapted these ideas in “Somnambulism” and how Washington Irving might have used them in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Choose the short story that you think best fits into the Gothic genre and use specific examples from the work to explain what Gothic characteristics are apparent in the story. Please note: You do not need to discuss all of the Gothic elements in your response.

· Dark, gloomy setting, traditionally a castle or manor house

· Connection between the architecture of the castle or the setting and the plot

· Dark, gloomy imagery and language

· Intention to excite the imagination and the emotions, particularly fear and terror

· Damsel (young woman) in distress (danger)

· The mysterious

· The ghostly

· The grotesque

At least 200 words