Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde, writing homework help

The Subject of your paper is Troilus and Criseyde: “Midway” in the Tragedy. The TOPIC of your paper is this: “Why is the tragedy of Troilus so funny just prior to the actual mid-point of the work?” The actual FOCUS of your paper is on [Midway: The Humorous Center of Chaucer’s Tragedy and Why is the Humor so appropriate and so well Placed?”].

Be sure to analyze the humor and its appropriateness just prior to the center of Chaucer’s tragedy.

1. Be sure to use only hard copy of The American Heritage Dictionary.

2. Be sure you use one- and only one quotation per volume, of no more than two lines each.

3. Be sure that all parenthetical citation entries correspond properly to the citations on the Works Cites listings, and vice versa.

4. Be sure to follow the examples in MLA exactly for STYLE in all matters pertaining to the form of your paper, the parenthetical citations, and the Works Cites references.

5. Be sure not to use YOU as an indefinite pronoun.

Use 12 point font, Time New Roman type, double space, 3.5 pages for the paper + one page for the Works Cited, MLA style.