Choose a behavior that you would like to change

Follow direction as follow:

Choose a behavior that you would like to change (some examples are smoking, drinking, eating the wrong foods, bad communication skills, shyness, study habits, etc. You are not limited to the behaviors on this list). Keep a daily

diary/journal for one month, recording your successes and failures and

analyzing them. Find at least two websites that deal with your situation

and report what they have to offer by way of advice. Be sure to cite

your sources for information (at least two references). Please conclude

your work on with an appraisal of the assignment.

The length of the entries will
vary. A short or long paragraph will be suitable for most entries.I
don’t want cryptic entries. You won’t (personally) get anything out of
the assignment unless it is done properly, so be sure to write down each
day what you did about the behavior, when you failed, when you
succeeded, and how it felt to win or lose the battle. Also, write about
how your research helped – or didn’t.

Note: This must be a daily and personal record. You must follow the guidelines. For example,
if you choose any type of adjustment to your eating habits, a list of
what you ate each day and nothing else is NOT acceptable. Or, if you
choose to modify your exercise routine (or begin one) just listing what
you did that day is NOT acceptable. This guideline is applicable to any
and all behaviors that are the focus of this assignment.