comm 105a assignment Assignment 1 – Discovering Cultures

don’t write about China.

Assignment 1 – Discovering Cultures

Value: 30 points Due________________

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to learn about cultures other than your own, or those of people you are acquainted with or consider friends.

You will be interviewing/ conversing with someone with whom you have never met.

Go to a public place and find someone who does not look like you. Ask this person if they would mind sharing some of his or her cultural traditions. Have in mind a few ice breaker questions but don’t be afraid to go off script if something really clicks.

Perhaps you would like to find out about their country, religion, family, schools, holidays, sports, politics… You may be fortunate enough to find a group of international students (they seem to hang out in clusters, especially when they first get to SVSU) that is fine, speak with the whole group.

Once you have finished speaking to this individual, consult your notes and write a paper about what you learned/shared.

REMEMBER: You are not there to judge or express distaste for their culture. We are a salad bowl, not a melting pot.


This paper should be

  • Original
  • Nonjudgmental
  • 12 font
  • 2-3 pages long
  • Double spaced
  • You need an introduction and a conclusion
  • Remember the 5 W’s

You will be graded on the above as well as sentence/paragraph construction, spelling, vocabulary, and proofreading. You are allowed 1 mistake per page, after that it your grade will be affected.