Communicating Statistical Data Outcomes and Strategic Planning, writing homework help

15-20 slide presentation, each slide will have 4-6 bullets and 100-150 words of speaker’s notes

In preparation for the accreditation visit for AKT, choose 1 health care accrediting and credentialing organization.

  • Select a quality improvement focus (QIF) area to improve patient
    outcomes in beyond the 3 issues that you identified and addressed in
    Week 4.
  • Discuss the selected accreditation agency related to the QIF
    and why the organization is seeking this particular agency for
  • As part of the quality improvement initiative, select 3-4
    related accrediting standards that the organization will use as the
    basis for the quality improvement plan.
  • Provide a clear mission statement and set of 3-4 specific,
    measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goals for the QIF
  • Using the online database provided the by the organization you selected conduct an analysis.
  • Provide general statistical data related to the QIF.
  • Discuss specific health care examples of local, state, and
    national policies that have been developed to improve this QIF based on
    evidence-based practice research.
  • What internal policies do you plan to implement based on
    evidence-based practice approaches to ensure your organization meets
    these standards?
  • Develop a plan that includes strategies for your facility to improve patient outcomes regarding the QIF.
  • Describe how the QIF initiative can be incorporated to the organization’s overall strategic plan.
  • Describe how you plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative.
  • Each slide will have 4-6 bullets and 100-150 words of speaker’s notes and pictures.