Comparing 2 perspectives, psychology homework help

Jamie is a county board member. Over the last few years the homeless
population has increased across the county. There were not enough beds
at the local homeless shelters to begin with and now there are even more
people in need of these beds. As a result of these factors, small tent
communities have started to spring up in abandoned lots.

Many people have voiced their concerns regarding safety, potential
drug use, and health issues. Another board member has proposed a
resolution banning these tent communities in the county. If this passes,
police will be ordered to give the homeless five days to vacate the
property or they will be forcibly removed. Additionally, there are still
no additional beds or locations for these homeless individuals to

If Jamie was Buddhist, how would she vote and why? If Jamie was
Confucian how would she vote and why? Your explanation of these stances
should be a total of between 2-3 pages and in APA format.