complete the english task below shasha


Write Elizabeth a confidential letter beginning, “Dear Beth,” in which you give evidence that you understand what she now knows about New Intendo. Do not blame her for walking into this not knowing. Advise her who to talk to in New Intendo and what to talk to each of them about. Should she first seek out Fred; or the new mayor; or a local newspaper reporter? How should she begin to build a base of administrative/political support in New Intendo? (first paragraph or more of your letter)

Then suggest how she approach the coming budget cycle. Is it more important now to focus on revenues or try to cut expenditures? Can the town continue to serve the citizens well? Do the average citizens know the situation? Who should tell them, and how? How can Elizabeth get a better handle on (understanding of) the need for an additional police officer or a new technical IT assistant, if it is not feasible to hire both this coming year? (second paragraph or more of your letter) Then, advise Elizabeth how she might decide whether or not to recommend that the town go into long-term debt to finance much-needed infrastructure improvements regarding the water supply and sewer system.

The local culture is very fiscally conservative. Is it Elizabeth’s place/responsibility to challenge that and to become an advocate for going into long-term debt, if possible? If yes, how do you advise Elizabeth to proceed? (third paragraph or more of your letter) And on a more personal note, Should a profession be primarily about matters of the heart? Is it ever justified to give up on a place and its people, even if staying may come at the price of the sacrifice of a career that may be more successful elsewhere? Don’t try to tell your fiend Elizabeth what to feel or think. But communicate that you realize that she may be coping with important values and personal decisions, and that you care about her. (fourth paragraph) As indicated above, you letter should be at least four paragraphs long and address each “issue” outlined above. Please organize your letter/email in or order indicated above.