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      The first teaching principle that a nurse must always consider when providing education to a patient is what is their level of education.  If a patient has a fifth grade reading level and a nurse is trying to teach a patient about their new diagnosis of heart failure then very little of the information is going to be understood by the patient.  Once a nurse has established the education level, education then becomes a matter of determining how best the patient likes to learn (reading, demonstration, listening), and then designing the education with a particular observable goal in mind.  I had a patient approximately 2 months ago who as admitted for low back pain.  She had had a lumbar surgery a couple years prior and it had eliminated the pain.  Two months prior to her admission she started to have a recurrence of the low back pain.  After a couple of days and several imaging tests the physicians determined that her back was structurally sound and the pain was most likely coming from her increased body weight causing pressure on the nerves.  They recommended anti-inflammatory medication and losing the excess body weight.  She was morbidly obese and was very unhappy to hear the recommendation that the body weight was the problem.  I spent three days working with her and I was able to discover during my conversations with her that she never received a solid explanation of how the excess weight was causing her pain.  It was left to me to help her understand how her weight was causing her pain.  I tried to explain the anatomy and physiology to her yet she was having a hard time understanding.  I knew I needed some additional visual help to maker her understand.  Just before her admission my unit had instituted a program of issuing iPads to each patient in an effort to assist with patient education, medication administration, and hospital policy information.  Studies have shown that using iPads with additional education resources (anatomy/physiology programs, medication information) has shown to increase patient understanding and reduced patient questions (Sawyer, 2016).  I was able to use the anatomy/physiology program, which provided 3D interactive pictures, to help her understand how increase abdominal body weight can cause impingement on the nerves leave the lumber spine.  Once I was able to provide a structural representation the patient was able to understand her diagnosis better.