Create a proposal outline, writing homework help

In General

Submit document as an attachment using doc, docx, or rtf format

Each assignment should have the course cover page, which includes:

[your name]


Proposal Outline (50 pts.) will be combined with Draft 1 (50 pts.) for a total of 100 pts.

Minimum 250 words

Create a proposal outline.Your outline will consist of section headings/titles (bold), and main paragraph topic sentences, followed by subtopic categories. Include the sections listed in the unsolicited sales proposal section of The Business Writer’s Companion (BWC pg.157). If you choose to exclude any of the sections, be prepared to discuss why you think the section does not apply to your proposal.

write about (150 0words:

After considering your proposal topic, choose one of the following two topic areas for your discussion post:

What do your audience/readers already know about your subject? What are your readers’ attitudes about the subject? (Are they skeptical, supportive, anxious, or bored?)


What particular information about your audience/readers (experience, training, and work habits, for example) might help you write at the appropriate level of detail?