criminal justice 249

Directions: Answers must rely on the uploaded textbook ( Levinthal, C. (2012). Drugs, society, and criminal justice (3rd ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall: Pearson Education.) as a source and at least 3 other outside scholarly/academic sources(4 total sources between all 4 questions) to support ideas and a minimum of 325 words per question. Must use proper grammar, mechanics and spelling in your response, you have to make use of proper in-text citations and an end-reference “ NO Plagiarism” . Remember to use in work citations ie: (Author, 2018) and provide the full citation in APA format at the end of the response for each question where you cited information from the reference.

Also, remember not to cut/paste directly from a source, although it may be cited, you still need to put the information into your own wording (unless direct quotes, figures, etc).


  1. Describe in detail and explain the difference between the freelance and business models.
  2. Describe the four major methods of apprehension used by law enforcement in street level drug law enforcement, including any criticisms of these methods.
  3. Discuss mandatory minimum sentencing in detail. Be sure to include the arguments for and against this type of sentencing and the changes made to mandatory minimum sentencing laws since their enactment.
  4. Discuss in detail the use of drug courts. How do they operate? Are they successful? Discuss the potential of drug courts to reduce: 1) the demand for illicit drugs and 2) the costs associated with the enforcement of drug laws.