Critical Analysis and Diversity 2-3 Page Paper

Read the following introduction and then view the scenario (attached) regarding the Chicago meeting.

Work at the KAPResources Consulting Firm (a human resources
consulting company) has recently had some major expansions overseas. The
move for these offices involved relocating 25 families each to Spain
and Hong Kong as well as hiring 50 local employees at each of these two
locations. Top management was concerned about the transition and getting
these groups at these two new locations to work together. So, during
the annual managers’ meeting in Chicago, top management asked Tom
Sunderland to head up a task force of the following managers:

  • Carla Baskil from Puerto Rico
  • Tom Sunderland from New York (Leader)
  • Stephen Metzger from Los Angeles
  • Joy Hanu from Hong Kong
  • Drew Arnatti from Chicago

They were tasked with meeting to discuss their recommendations based
upon these changes in order to create a more cohesive office in these
two locations.


  • Describe the critical analysis utilized by the team members.
  • Explain the benefits of diversity that are illustrated in the team’s interaction.
  • Explain how this diversity might benefit the team’s ultimate
    recommendations to create a more cohesive office in Spain and Hong Kong.

You response should be in the form of a 2–3 page paper with an additional title and reference page, in current edition APA format and citation style with correct spelling and grammar.