Current event

1. Locate a current event about a company or product. Tell the class what the story was about. Who was the audience? What was the tone & style of article? Was the information delivered appropriately? How did the company handle the information? What suggestions do have for handling the information more effectively? Just answer those questions you don’t have to write briefly. also write answers separately.

2. After reading the article, 10 Techniques for Gathering Business Requirements (Links to an external site.), think about the following scenario and answer the questions provided.

Wilmington University is implementing a mobile app where students are able to order books via the app and then pick them up at the bookstore within one hour of their order. Additionally, students can order via the app and have their books automatically shipped to their residence. What requirements gathering techniques will you use? Describe in detail how you would apply these techniques. Just give them feedback based on their answers. choose any 2 (a-c)

A. Prototyping

This method involves creating a prototype of the Wilmu App and distribute it among the students of the school so they can give any feedback for any additional requirements. The feedback would be used to improve the process used and ultimately the prototype would become the required app.

Facilitated Sessions

I would use this method over Group Interviews, because group interviews only have two to four people who attend, while facilitated sessions have five or more. This method would be helpful by gathering a group of people to help with coming up with solutions for the application.


The app is set for a large-scale customer base, so a questionnaire passed around campus would be a great way to get the majority of the class to help with solutions for the app. The questionnaire would be distributed to all the teachers to pass out to their students. The questions would be short and to the point. The information will be collected and would help lead to the next method.


The information collected from the student base would be examined by the tech staff and this could lead to a brainstorming session where the staff could come together and come up with ideas to make the app easier to use for the student population.

B. Brainstorming

This is essentially the starting point. With this it would allow us to come up with the idea of creating an app and all the details that we would need to put into it. It allows for great debate and the creation of new ideas and developments. It gives us the foresight to see how the app may look like once it’s complete.

Group interviews

This would essentially allow us to bring the biggest and brightest individuals into the boardroom to come up with great ideas on how to manage the app. This allows us to get the most information out there in a shorter time frame allowing us to work quickly.


This would allow us to test out theories on how the app will look like by applying our ideas and putting them to action. It allows us to see what works and doesn’t work through feedback in order to patch up any deficiencies that may occur before we release the final Wilmu App. Which ultimately allows us to come out with a better product.


This just allows us to gain feedback on any minor or major problems that students would have with the app. Many of the questions would be short and to the point along with a comment section for greater detail. By sending one out to the entire campus it would allow us to gain a lot of information.

C. The requirements gathering techniques that I will use are:

Questionnaires: I would use this method to ask the students about the requirements or the features they wanted to feature on the app. The questionnaires will also be available to the teachers and the staffs as well. Anyone can contribute and give their thoughts about the app.

Prototyping: This method can be used to create the prototype of the app and ask the students and the teachers about the required correction or information that needs to be added on the app. And the process can be continued until the app meets the requirement.

Request for proposals: This method will be very helpful while creating the app. The students or teachers can send all the requirements or features they want to include on the app. And the developers can create the app that can match with the expectation of the students and teachers.

Brainstorming: This method will help in bringing all the fresh and raw ideas. All the faulty members and the students can gather and come up with ideas to share, which will be unique. After collecting all of the ideas they can be compared and the developers can select the best ones.

Facilitated sessions: By using this method, the developers of the app can gather particular number of students and the faculty members to give their opinion and ideas that can be analyzed by the developers and they can select the best one. It will also save their time.